The Secret Beyond Matter

The water that always returns to us

Allah gives people knowledge and possibilities in a wide range of fields. For example, modern-day technology allows us to observe the formation of many things in a laboratory environment. However, some fundamental events can neither be brought about nor even observed in such an environment. One of these great blessings is water, which covers much of Earth and meets our most basic needs. During the Earth’s formation, water was created, and then its production period ended.

In order for hydrogen and oxygen molecules to create water, they first have to collide so that their bonds will weaken and enable the atoms that make up these molecules to combine into a new molecule: H2O (water). Such a collision can only occur at a very high temperature and energy level. As Earth does not possess a sufficiently high temperature to permit water’s formation, no new water can be formed. As stated above, all water that exists was created during our planet’s formation. In other words, its amount never changes. The water we drink and use is always exactly the same water, because it evaporates and then returns as rain. Allah has revealed this in His verses:

Have you thought about the water that you drink? Is it you who sent it down from the clouds, or are We the Sender? (Surat al-Waqi‘ah, 68-69)

If the water that Allah created in a ready state on Earth were to dry up and disappear, nothing could bring it back. If Allah willed to suspend the water cycle of evaporation, it would never rain again: All blessings come from Allah. It is Almighty Allah Who constantly places blessings at human beings’ disposal and Who creates them out of nothing.

We sent down a measured amount of water from heaven and lodged it firmly in the ground, and We are well able to remove it. (Surat al-Mu’minun, 18)


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