The Secret Beyond Matter

A mosquito's impressive heat receptors

A mosquito can detect the presence of any living thing due to its highly sensitive heat receptors that perceive the heat given off by a living entity in different colors, according to the heat the entity emits. Since this perception does not depend upon light, a mosquito easily finds blood vessels even if the entity is in a dark room. In fact, its heat detectors are so sensitive that they can determine temperature differences of just 0.05 degrees Celsius.

Human beings have no such ability; Allah has bestowed it on this tiny creature—it is no larger than 1 cm (0.4 in)—so that it can find food and protect itself. Only Allah can create such a small and flawless heat-dependent mechanism in so tiny a creature and then bring it to life. Clearly, no one can claim that such a remarkable creature could have come into existence spontaneously as the result of chance.

Only Almighty Allah, Lord of the worlds, Who creates the mosquito’s sublime heat perception system, shapes and forms all things, and controls everything at all moments can do this:

What is in the heavens and in the ground belongs to Allah. We have instructed those given the Book before you, and you yourselves, to fear [and respect] Allah. But if you do not believe, what is in the heavens and in the ground [stills] belongs to Allah. Allah is Rich Beyond Need, Praiseworthy. (Surat al-Nisa’, 131)


2010-06-21 00:41:26

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