The Secret Beyond Matter

Plants Continue to Amaze

New ones were added to the smart tactics used by plants discovered up until today. Plants are able to deceive enemy insects and even use them through their very fine-tuned tactics. For this they draw patterns like a talented artist or produce perfume or killer hormones like a chemist. The complexity of these behaviors is amazing. But watch out! These plants do not even have any brains. They do not have the ability to think or even organs to sense the patterns and smells that they imitate. These miraculous behaviors show us that our Almighty Lord keeps everything under His control.

The first research about plants was about pattern imitation. Patterns of caterpillar, ant and leaf beetle were discovered on the plants that were inspected. A seed coat resembles a caterpillar with its shape and the patterns on it. Some patterns on the body of the plant looks just like a louse, which is yet another harmful living. All these patterns work as a deceiving signal against enemy insects. Thus the plants look as if they have a disease and give the impression of ‘I’m under bug occupation” to other insects around. Insects that meet this plant immediately lose their interest to attack the plant.  They move to other plants as it would not be advantageous to share their source of food with other insects.

This smart technique of defense is very effective against bigger animals like deer. Deer do not come and take a bite of these plants with this cover in case that fake insects on the plants bite and disturb the deer. Scientists named Simcha Lev-Yadun and Moshe Inbar from the University of Haifa-Oranim state that they have found half a dozen types of deceptive plants only in Israel.
Lev-Yadun says that these plants are so perfect that they can even deceive human beings with imitation. Even a friend of his who saw the pictures could not realize it is a plant and not an insect in the picture, even though he is a scientist. (Harun Yahya, The Miracle of Creation in Plants)

A chamomile of the xanthium trumarium family makes itself appear as if it has been occupied by an army of ants. The attack of ants as an army can overcome many animals. So in this way the plant uses this intimidating ant factor against animals. Some plants are known to produce special nectars that invite ants, in order to benefit this deterrence of ants.
Lev-Yadun says,” I am sure there are thousands of kinds of plants that imitate insects.” But how could these smart behaviors happen to surface in these plants? Could plants have found and developed these tactics on their own? Where did plants with no eyes learn to imitate the patterns of insects?

Surely, such complex tactics, such smart and effective systems do not happen with the plant’s will by coincidence. Furthermore, no coincidence can result in such a complex and smart system. It is a clear fact that these behaviors are a result of the inspiration of Almighty Allah. Allah controls everything living or non-living at any moment and the ownership of everything in the universe belongs to Allah.

The kingdom of the heavens and the earth and everything in them belongs to Allah. He has power over all things. (Surat al-Ma’ida, 120)


2010-05-30 19:27:08

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