The Secret Beyond Matter

The miracle of windpipe

The structure of the windpipe is an example of the perfect system in the human body.

The walls of the windpipe are supported by C-shaped rings of cartilage. This allows movement in different directions.

If the windpipe were made of flesh alone, the resulting softness would lead to constant blockages. That would make it impossible for us to breathe.

If it were made of something as hard as bone, then our movements would be to a large extent restricted.

Yet the cartilaginous structure which makes up the windpipe is perfectly suited to all kinds of movement, and it always remains open due to its flexibility.

There is another very special system right in the entrance to the windpipe. This system saves our lives every time we have something to eat. How is that?

The oesophagus and the windpipe lie side by side in the throat. One might therefore expect that when eating the food would get stuck in the windpipe and choke himself. Yet nothing of the sort happens. Although we continue to eat and breathe, the food never gets caught in our windpipe. So what is it that protects us when eating?

There is a small flap of elastic cartilage called the epiglottis right at the entrance to the windpipe.

This flap automatically closes the entrance to the windpipe during swallowing.

During all the thousands of meals we have eaten, from babyhood right up to the present, we have swallowed tens of thousands of times. And every single time this little flap has closed the entrance to our windpipe at exactly the right moment. Although we are unaware of its presence and can exert no control over it, this little flap has saved our life by closing the entrance to your windpipe at just the right moment.

In the absence of that system, a human being would choke the first moment he took a bite to eat. This is yet another proof that Allah created all the features possessed by human beings.


2010-05-25 15:33:34

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