The Secret Beyond Matter

Interpreting Muslims' every attitude favorably will result in good outcomes by the will of Allah

One of the most important responsibilities of Muslims is teaching good morality to people; calling them for the good and trying to protect them from the bad.

Our AlmightyLord informs Muslims in the Qur’an of the circumstances which the responsibility of communicating the message of Allah needs to get the best results by the will of Allah.

It is extremely important to explain people of their mistakes without hurting their feelings; describing a matter with the briefest and the wisest words without making the other side get bored, annoyed when performing this worship.

Sometimes to be able to explain a matter by an indirect speech in spite of explaining it directly; or to encourage someone by mentioning a positive side of a matter instead of directly telling a negative side of it are also the characteristics of the morality which are shown in communicating the message of Allah by a Muslim.

Sometimes assuming the good of things in the presence of a clear mistake by concealing his Muslim brother’s mistake and making a positive speech that interprets his mistake auspiciously are also one of the attributes of a Muslim when he communicates the message of Allah.

Because most of the time, in people’s mistakes there can possibly be more or less a share of justificability beside injustice.

Moreover sometimes the tolerance for justificability could be fifty fifty.

In the presence of such a situation sometimes one can emphasize only the injustice side of a person and make him see his deficiency thoroughly in that matter.

But at specific times, with a rather good-intentioned outlook on this margin of error, the 50 percent part suspected to be erroneous can be interpreted positively.

For example, a person may be talking less, acting in more uninterested and unsocial manners.

And this may be observed clearly.

But yet there might also be logical and wise explanations for the manners of the concerned one to be interpreted favourably.

This person might be ill at that moment.

Or he might be busy with an important subject which he has to pay attention.

Maybe he was really taken unawares and made mistake.

But although he really made a mistake, by the will of Allah interpreting this attitude auspiciously could result in positive developments as if he had been openly criticized.

Even though his deficiency is clear, this person may blame his lowerself as he sees the Muslims’ assuming the positive of him.

Being ashamed in the Presence of Allah and Muslims he may repent and endeavour to compensate his mistake as the Muslims act in friendly manners to him despite he made a mistake.

But the most important of all, interpreting the incidents and the attitudes of Muslims favourably is a morality which our Almighty Lord likes and appreciates.

This is an important feature regarding the morality of a Muslim informed us in the Qur’an.

By hoping to gain Allah’s consent, behaving with a morality which Allah likes, will certainly have good consequences insha’Allah.

Our Lord Allah, Most Gracious and Most Merciful, heralded in the Qur’an that good morality and good words which are shown by assuming the good of things, having good intentions, and by aiming to present humble attitudes despite any contrary behaviour of the other side will give nice and abundant results.

Some verses on this subject read as follows:


A good action and a bad action are not the same. Repel the bad with something better and, if there is enmity between you and someone else, he will be like a bosom friend. (Surah Fussilat, 34)

Do you do not see how Allah makes a metaphor of a good word: a good tree whose roots are firm and whose branches are in heaven?
It bears fruit regularly by its Lord’s permission. Allah makes metaphors for people so that hopefully they will pay heed. (Surah Ibrahim, 24-25)
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