The Secret Beyond Matter

Allah meticulously cares for human beings – 2

A person who briefly glaces over his surroundings can see the infinite manifestations of Allah’s unflawed creative artistry and might. When a person looks into a mirror, for instance, he generally sees a smooth, symetrical and beautiful figure. Meanwhile, he also sees his impotence and defects.

A person  is in a constant quest to overcome his needs which arise from these impotence and defects in his body and to attain a well-groomed, clean and healthy appearance. Indeed numerous factories are in operation to produce the products needed to overcome these defects. Following long-lasting researches and production-phase these products are released to the market and become instrumentail in meeting their needs.

A point deserves mention here: Aware that Allah is the Creator and the Ruler of eveything, believers know that Allah creates these products and every production-phase they go through.

As a requisite of the trial in this world Allah created man as a weak being. Meanwhile, through these products, He also shows people how to overcome these incapabilities and how, if He willed, would have created human beings in a perfect form.

A believer who thinks about the details in these products’ physical and chemical content can have a better comphrehension of the superiority of Allah’s creative artistry. One who does not see these through the faithful eye may fail to comprehend these details. However aware that everything is determined in the Sight of Allah as a moment and that everything is created by Allah, believers are well acknowledged that all these products were essentially produced  well before they were born. Similarly they know the information regarding on which shelf these products would be displayed in which market, how their packages would be, in which factory they were produced and who would use them are all evident in Allah’s Sight. Being conscious of how Allah cares about them, they constantly express their gratitude to Him.

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