The Secret Beyond Matter

Having an outlook that observes the art of Allah

Within seconds, our eyes focus on tens of objects in succession. In a moment, our eyes see an ornament of the mirror’s frame in our room; afterwards, our eyes look at, an ornament on the wallpaper, then the switch of the television, the cable on the floor of our room, and the door handle. Consecutively, hundreds of details is what our eyes experience when we see. When we decided to stand up in order to go to the kitchen, in our way, we move forward by seeing tens of details again. For example, we see the detail of a farmer’s shirt on a painting hung on the corridor’s wall.Whether consciously or not, proceed by seeing new details from different angles..

In our home, we move about hundreds of times.  Our eyes look at hundreds and thousands of points, from different angles, and many of them occur involuntarily and without our decision. We see all of this detail because every single detail has been predestined in the presence of Allah, before we are even born. It is Allah, Who created all of the details, one by one. Fate is composed of all those moments that extend in unison with one another, in a specific order.

A muslim’s concentration and focus on what Allah created, in all moments, beautifies his submission to Allah; it deepens his understanding. By virtue of meaning behind what he sees, everything rises in value. This is because Allah has created them all for us, before we are born, one by one, with an amazing and detailed art; He brought every instant of life into being. Let’s think about the creation, and comprehend the beautiful being of Allah with a deep feeling, with awe, with a strong love, so that we are near Him.  He gave us understanding.

Allah commands us in Surat Al-Insan:


Has man ever known a point of time when he was not something remembered? We created man from a mingled drop to test him, and We made him hearing and seeing. (Surat al-Insan 1-2)

Humans are on trial. Allah has bestowed uncountable blessings upon us. In a moment,  he presented atoms, DNAs, and the Earth, with its quadrillions of details from the sky to the surface. Humans have to turn towards Allah, as soon as we open our eyes in the morning. When we open our eyes, if the first thing we see is the ceiling or a wardrobe, we see it, at that moment, because it is in our fate that Allah predestines this.  We wake up and see what He wished for us to see.  Then, Allah makes us alive again and wake us up for a new day. The first thing we should do is to praise Him and pray to Him. Due to our fate, with blessings preordained for us for that day, we have to think eagerly about what Allah wishes to bless upon us, and we have to start the day enthusiastically, with a nearness to Allah.  We have to pay attention to observe details of His divine wisdom that is composed of moments in succession in our fate.

To pay attention in that way, prevents us from being undiscerning for what we see. It makes us come to understand deeply, to acquire contentment and admiration of Allah, and  to obtain His nearness, for us.


2010-02-02 23:54:22

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