The Secret Beyond Matter

Can atoms think?

After the Big Bang, a super powerful explosion that marked the beginning of the universe, particles emerged and came together as atoms. Well, do you know what an atom is?

Let us first explain to you what an atom is like. We can compare the atoms to marbles. But these marbles would be too tiny, unlike anything you have seen before.

Now, look around you! Everything that you see in reality is made of these marbles, namely the atoms. The chair on which you are sitting, the book in your hand, your mother, your teacher at school, the television that you watch, apples, melons, and the chocolates in the kitchen, your pet, water, the flowers in your garden, your toys, and even your body, all are made up of these atoms. As we explained earlier, the stars and suns that make up the universe and the world in which we live are also formed of atoms just like you. In all the places in which you go about and all the corners that you turn, there are atoms.

You cannot see these little things that we call atoms, because they are a lot smaller than you can imagine. They are so small that even with the largest microscopes, it isn't possible to see even one of them. To be able to comprehend the tiny size of the atom, look at this example:

Imagine that you have a key in your hand. Without a doubt, it is impossible for you to see the atoms that make up this key. If you say, "I must see these atoms", then you must visualise the key to be as large as earth. If you were able to visualise the key to be as large as earth then every atom inside it would be as large as cherries and so you could see them.
Well, how did all the atoms come together after the Big Bang? The atoms are lifeless. They don't have any minds or any intelligence. They cannot make any decisions. They cannot say, for example, "Come on, let's get together and form a star" or "Let's come closer and form earth". We can also use the following example: We already mentioned a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces of this puzzle are lifeless and, like atoms, they cannot make decisions. If you spread them about, they cannot have thoughts such as "Well, let's get together and form a castle or a human!"

Then let's ask again: "How did all these stars, planets, humans and animals that are made up of atoms come into being? If the atoms did not make a decision, then who put them together?"

Of course, nothing around us can occur by coincidence. Allah is the One Who brings atoms together. Allah has created all the vastness of space, the planets, stars, earth, animals, plants and humans from atoms.


2010-01-14 01:32:27

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