The Secret Beyond Matter

The desing of the eagle-eye

Eagles can fly at altitudes of thousands of meters high, and they are equipped with eyes which help them see a wealth of details on the ground far below.

An eagle's eye has a 572 F vision, when needed, it can enlarge an object six to eight times larger than it first appeared.

While flying at an altitude of 14 108 feet, they can scan an area some 30,000 hectares around them.

From 4921 feet up, they can notice the smallest movement or difference of color so as to locate their prey.

The eagle owes this superior eyesight to the large number of light-sensitive cone cells present in the retina of his eyes. These cells gather up light and send the information to the brain.

The number of cone cells in the human eye, by contrast, is much less than the eagle's. The difference between the two is what gives the eagle its keen eyesight.

Using it, eagles can easily spot their prey. But it isn't the eagle that's behind this good eyesight.

Rather, it is God Who designed this perfect system.

God reveals this truth in one of His verses:

... There is no creature He does not hold by the forelock... (Surah Hud, 56)

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