The Secret Beyond Matter

Have you ever thought of this?

When we go out we see a great many striking details all around us. These include bright shop windows and sparkling goods made out of crystal adorning them. But have you ever stopped to think that when you look at a crystal glass, that glass is actually an image produced by electric signals flowing to the brain? The power in the brain perceives these low-voltage electric signals arriving at a pitch-black piece of flesh within the brain as the image of a colored, three-dimensional, sparkling and highly attractive crystal goblet.

In other words, you actually have direct experience, not of the true image of the crystal glass that exists on the outside, but of a copy image forming in your brain. You can never establish a direct connection with the original of the crystal glass on the outside. What you establish a connection with is electric signals coming from the glass and belonging to perceptions of sight and touch. The way the power in the brain perceives these as the image of “a perfect crystal goblet” is a metaphysical miracle. It is the soul, acting by the will of Allah (God), that perceives the electric signals in your brain as a three-dimensional and brightly colored world. Allah shows our souls copy images of the glass, shop windows, streets and the world we live in, the originals of which exist on the outside, in a miraculous manner. There is never the slightest break in the continuity of these images. We watch the world that Allah creates for us every single moment.

2008-12-08 18:03:22

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