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The light of the Turkish-Islamic union will illuminate east Turkestan

In recent statements Adnan Oktar has imparted the welcome news that the Science Research Foundation (BAV) and the Foundation for the Preservation of National Values would be making a great cultural offensive for the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union and for all Muslims in difficulties to attain peace and security. This cultural activity, including informing and educating the public on such matters as the importance and urgency of the Turkish-Islamic Union, the kind of union it will be, and the solutions it will bring to existing problems, has already begun to have an effect. In addition to crucial developments taking place in the Caucasus and the Middle East, the question of East Turkestan, which had for a long time been almost entirely forgotten, has once again begun being raised in the Turkish press.

An interview given by Adnan Oktar in 2008 to the the East Turkestan Asia RFA radio station contained the following statement:

Asia RFA: You mention this in your book Communist China’s Policy of Oppression and East Turkestan, but since 1949 China has executed millions of Muslims among its own citizens, but when we look at the media what we see is the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and later Palestine. Work out how many people are being killed every day. But the most painful thing today is the thousands of people in East Turkestan executed and including just for writing books or poems. Tens of thousands of people, but the world is silent. Why?

(Asia RFA-June 14, 2008)

In the last few months, both Adnan Oktar’s statements on the subject and also announcements issued in various newspapers on the subject of East Turkestan by the Foundation for the Preservation of National Values, of which he is honorary president, have begun to bear fruit. The press have again begun carrying stories regarding East Turkestan, and the Turkish public have started being made aware of the troubles and sufferings of their brothers in those lands. This information again raises the issue of the urgency of the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union and accelerates the steps being taken on that road by means of it. By God’s leave, it will be through the Turkish-Islamic Union that East Turkestan achieves well-being and enlightenment. With the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union, both East Turkestan and China will be able to breathe easy, and tension, fear and doubt will give way to peace, love and prosperity. The Turkish-Islamic Union acting as guarantor will also strengthen relations with the milions of Muslims living in China. An East Turkestan emotionally ties to the Turkish-Islamic Union will clearly also be in China’s interests.

Adnan Oktar: Go to East Turkestan, for instance, and you will see delightful people there. There are highly virtuous, pure Muslims there. Women or young people, they all possess immaculate Islamic moral virtues. Muslims have degenerated in many places, but not there. When we go to Turkistan, for example, we are amazed at the immaculate, well brought up people we meet there. Communism has had the exact opposite effect. And that is a blessing from God. They have remained quite spotless. They have been insulated. Nobody has been able to damage them. THE UNION WILL BE A VERY PURE ONE, AND IT LOOKS AS IF CAN EASILY COME ABOUT WITHIN 10 OR 15 YEARS. (Asia RFA-June 14, 2008)

Timeturk news portal site, 23 September 2008

“What is going on in East Turkestan?”

Adnan Oktar: China should let East Turkestan go, should let its people live in freedom, that it keeps killing; about people being killed just for looking up to the sky or down on the ground. This oppression is something that not even someone totally devoid of conscience should be capable of. China is doing this and belittling itself before the world. It is disgracing itself. It is disgracing everything. It is disgracing its own state and nation, and must stop doing so. It must think about this and do these things from a conception of honesty, of rationality and of proper behaviour. It must withdraw from East Turkestan and leave it as a free country. Then you will see how the world opens up to China. Turkey will adopt a most excellent view of it. Workers from Turkey will go to work in China, and others from there will come here. It will adopt a totally different line. But there will always be anger in the nation’s heart so long as this open wound continues to bleed. Many people, many businessmen for example, do not go to China to do business because of that hatred. Who would willingly go to a country that kills so many people, that commits so many murders? Everywhere is full of human blood. You will have to wade through human blood to go anywhere there today. No Muslim can wade through human blood. They must clean that blood up. They must put a stop to these killings and this oppression will be lifted. Let them allow East Turkestan to be democratic. Secular. Let it take its place in the world as an independent country. China will be enriched many times by that. It must not imagine it will lose out by it. It will gain prestige, not lose it. This is not something to be made a question of pride. (Asia RFA-June 14, 2008)

Önce Vatan, 23 July 2008

“China is applying ‘state terror’.”


Vakit, 13 July 2008

“Chinese oppression in East Turkestan continues:
2 Uyghurs have been executed and 15 imprisoned”

Adnan Oktar: This needs to be made clear to the Chinese state in the most appropriate terms possible. China may perhaps imagine that this union will be to its disadvantage. But it will benefit China, save it, in all regards. It will save it in military terms, and protect it from any external attack. It will also save it economically.  The Chinese people are still struggling, and this will enable it to modernize. I see in the papers how the people are still living in places resembling barns. They are desperately poor. Those people will live in much greater ease. CHINA SHOULD SUPPORT THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION FOR THE SAKE OF ITS OWN PEOPLE. This is not a colonialist or selfish union. It is a union of love and friendship, a union of solidarity and toleration, of moderation, built on a basis of secularity. In other words, it will be grounded in secularism, and this is most important. If it is secular, peaceful and a pro-democratic system, there is no reason for China to be worried by it. This may be more through the work of civil society organisations if China is to be convinced, of course. But we will be putting in some considerable activity in that direction in the next few days. This is an idea that will free China from those unnecessary fears and enable it to abandon these classic policies of state. Because in classic state policy whatever you do there is somewhere of benefit to you and you go and invade it. You crush the inhabitants and live there yourself. But there is no need to suck blood in order to live. You can do it with love and friendship. It is unbecoming of China to live by sucking blood. (Asia RFA-June 14, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: This is a sign that the time for the liberation of East Turkestan has come. We must make the very best use of this period. Because East Turkestan is home to the world’s most immaculate Muslims, and perhaps its best behaved people. It is somewhere inhabited by the most insulated, select people. I have witnessed this for myself. It is therefore crucially important that these people be freed from oppression, a matter of honor for the whole world. It is a debt of honor for the whole world. This Turkic state has to be freed from Chinese hands. It is unacceptable for China to interfere in it. Let East Turkestan live freely as a state in its own right with its own means. If China wants to trade it can go and trade with it. There is no question of East Turkestan attacking China. So what does China want? What does it gain? If it wants to gain something, that can be commercial. So let East Turkestan and China trade together. Nobody will let it colonize it, however, and what other meaning can taking a country captive have? What does China want from East Turkestan and what does it stand to gain by making it a captive? What happiness can that bring it? What joy will that bring to its heart? What victory is that? It must withdraw from East Turkestan completely. Let the people who live there be free to go to mosques and factories. Let them talk freely and enjoy religious festivals once again. China must now do a good deed there. The time has come. China must stand up and admit it has made a mistake. This country is one that deserves independence. There was no need for us to intervene. There was no point and no logic in it. This is unacceptable in the 21st century. We are withdrawing our troops. And we are lifting our political pressure. The whole world will love China when it announces it is a free country. Everyone will respect it. China must commit this good  deed. (Asia RFA-June 14, 2008) 

Türkiye, 7 September 2008

“One upon a time East Turkestan had a state”

“They are strangers in their own home, pariahs in their own land:
but once there was a stare there”

“Goods are imitation, torture is genuine”

Adnan Oktar: China has to abandon this Cold War mentality. If it withdraws from East Turkestan it can enter into good agreements with it. They can be given even more petrol, even more electricity. Nothing will put them in a difficult position. The sale of electricity, oil and energy to them is something that Islamic countries already want. That will be to their advantage. They can be sold cheap if necessary. China may want oil, or electricity or natural gas, but there is no excuse for oppressing millions of people and keep them captive. This can be by way of bilateral agreements. It can make an agreement with Turkey, for example. China can sign agreements with states. All the Turkic states can combine together to reach an agreement with China on the subject. We will satisfy all your needs regarding natural gas, electricity or oil. But you must lift your hands from these immaculate people. That is the question; a 50-year agreement could be reached, for instance. And petrol could really be sold. The petrol that China wants. (Asia RFA-June 14, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: We shall make intensive efforts for the freedom of East Turkestan, the Turkic states and the Islamic world, but there is one very pressing matter. That is the unification of Azerbaijan with Turkey, because they are in the most appropriate position. … But after that East Turkestan is most pressing. Because it is a prisoner. The horror of imprisonment needs to be placed at the head of the agenda. Because the priority must be wherever repression is at its most fierce. And that is where the priority now lies. … The issue therefore needs to be raised and put before the public, by way of the press. Public pressure will wear China down.  We will be working to force it into a corner in the days to come, in the major press, with full-scale announcements, in editorials and in television reports... (Asia RFA-June 14, 2008)

Once Vatan, 13 July 2008

“China has executed 2 Uyghurs from East Turkestan”

Adnan Oktar: Culture is what is needed. We need to raise a top-quality generation. Highly devout, aware, anti-Darwinist, anti-communist, anti-Marxist, highly intelligent professors, scientists, doctors, lawyers, China cannot withstand that force. In other words, there is an irresistible force – culture. China will be bent in half in the face of that. Let them attach great importance to culture. Let them visit my web sites and read all of my books, which can be downloaded for free. Let them read them all and be made really conscious. Let them look meaningfully into China’s eyes. China will pull back. It cannot stand up to it, China is not strong enough. No power can withstand culture. You say the Sun has risen. Someone else says he does not believe you. So you lift the edge of the curtain and let it fall again; it is all over with in a second. If there are a hundred people there, they will all be convinced straight away. If the young people of East Turkestan who have fully absorbed the fact that Darwinism does not exist and who have become expert at telling people of that in a beautiful manner, can spread that message wherever they go, then East Turkestan will become a bastion of steel. Then what if Chinese troops strolled there, skipped along there? They would be like a bird riding on the back of a lion. The matter is turning East Turkistan into a lion; even if it has four crows riding on its back it will still be a lion. It will go wherever it so wishes. The bonds of brotherhood must be strengthened, no concessions must be made when it comes to culture, and their immaculate state must be further reinforced. And that is how things must continue. (Asia RFA-June 14, 2008)

Vakit, 7 September 2008

“The communist Chinese regime has stepped up its oppression:
Ramadan bans in East Turkestan”


Önce Vatan, 9 August 2008
“They want to annihilate the ‘Muslim Uyghurs’!”

Asia RFA:  In conclusion, is there anything you would like to say to the people of East Turkestan. What message would you like to send them?

Adnan Oktar: They are very dear to me, my dear brothers, whose liberation I have been praying for ever since I was a child. And I am striving for them. Inshallah, the next 10-15 years will be years of liberation. Inshallah, all captive Turks and captive Muslims will be freed. Let them prepare themselves very well. Let them increase their awe of God. Let them raise their cultural levels and their faith. Let them increase their love and fear of God. Let them prepare themselves as anti-Darwinists. Let them learn al the frauds and hoaxes of Darwinists. Let them visit my web sites and look at them. Let them intensify their love for one another.  They must be on their guard against degeneration. They must strongly defend their national culture. And let them not get involved in anything else. Inshallah, their liberation is close at hand.
(Asia RFA-June 14, 2008)
2008-10-12 15:02:02

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