The Secret Beyond Matter

The enormous response to fossils demonstrating the fact of creation

The way that Adnan Oktar’s giant Atlas of Creation contained a succession of fossil specimens that totally discredited evolution permitted the subject of these fossils to be brought up so effectively for the very first time. Before fossil specimens began being used in this way in Adnan Oktar’s scientific books, the majority of the public were unaware that there were so many fossils all disproving evolution. Because nobody had ever before revealed the fossil findings in such a clear and accessible manner in such a way as to so comprehensively enlighten the public.

Under the influence of earlier, evolutionist publications, the public had the false impression that there were only a few fossil specimens in existence and that these generally supported evolution. But with Adnan Oktar’s concentration on fossils they have now realized that just about everywhere beneath the ground is actually full of fossils. In addition, 99% of these have been unearthed and they all, without a single exception, point to one truth: that living things never evolved.

This, of course, came as a terrible shock to Darwinists. Because for the last 150 years, using various deceptions and even forgeries that have gone down in the history of science, they had portrayed fossils as supporting evolution, while concealing hundreds of thousands of specimens from the public. And people believed these deceptions without ever questioning them and had no other sources of information on the subject than evolutionists’ lies. Until that is, Adnan Oktar brought countless fossil specimens out into the light of day.

Today, however, it is no longer possible to deceive with regard to evolution the public now that they have seen fossil specimens in exhibitions, books, pamphlets and posters (as well as the living specimens all around them). Let evolutionists attempt to create all the sensations they want, to write supposedly scientific articles using incomprehensible Latin terminology, or to use the media that support them as propaganda tools, the result will still be the same. It is now impossible to deceive anyone who has looked at fossil specimens and witnessed that living things have remained unchanged for tens of millions of years and that life forms dating back hundreds of millions of years are identical to their present-day counterparts using evolutionary myths.  This scholarly work of Adnan Oktar's by which he has raised the issue of fossils onto the public agenda has dealt Darwinism a most deadly blow, and has been a means whereby the theory of evolution has been consigned to the back shelves of history across the world, including Europe and America.
2008-09-26 20:25:34

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