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The Caucasian alliance: a significant step towards the Turkish-Islamic Union

In the wake of Adnan Oktar's wide-ranging scholarly activities and his statements stressing the urgent need for and importance of the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union, every passing day has begun witnessing further progress towards the realisation of the union. In the last few months, the setting up of the Turkic Union Assembly, the consideration of the Turkish-Islamic Union at sessions of the D8 and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the increasing calls for union from right across the Muslim world, and Iranian President Ahmedinejad's behaviour and statements favouring a Sunni-Shiite alliance when he prayed behind a Sunni imam on a recent visit to Turkey are just a few such developments.

Another significant development was added to the list last week when Turkey assumed leadership of a project that will bring peace and stability to the Caucasus. The project known as the Caucasian Alliance was made a reality with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to Russia and subsequent trip to Georgia. It is highly significant that this project took place immediately following Adnan Oktar's notice that the Turkish-Islamic Union would commence in the Caucasus.
The basic principles of this move towards an important alliance, described as "Turkey’s Success" in the press, equate and run parallel to those set out by Adnan Oktar in his statements:

•    Respect for the sovereignty equity of states and the rights enshrined in that sovereignty;
•    the sanctity of national borders;
•    respect for national integrity;
•    the resolving of disputes by peaceful means;
•    no interference in the domestic affairs of others;
•    respect for all fundamental human rights and freedoms, including freedom of ideas, conscience, faith and belief,
•    and co-operation between states…


The Turkish-Islamic Union is a union of love. It is a union of affection, a union of hearts. The basis of this union are love, altruism, helping others, compassion, tolerance and understanding….

Freedom of ideas and expression are inherent in the Turkish-Islamic Union. People holding all kinds of beliefs and views will be able to express their ideas free from pressure and obstruction. These people’s rights will be protected by all means and everyone’s ideas will be met with toleration. …

The Turkish-Islamic Union will bring peace to the world.
The Turkish-Islamic Union will first and foremost resolve the disputes between Muslim countries and bring peace to the Islamic world; it will also oppose all those movements that incite war and conflict in the world as a whole, and will be a force capable of preventing all initiatives aimed at provoking war.


Denge TV, July 3, 2008

“EVERYONE CAN KEEP THEIR OWN STATE, BUT THERE MUST BE A SPIRITUAL UNION. That is the Turkish-Islamic Union since all the Turkic countries are Muslim. This is huge element for equilibrium in the region. Its greatest advantage will be the immediate ending of terror. No such thing as terror will remain. Terror will be eradicated from the face of the Earth. Secondly, there will be an enormous economic revitalization. Most importantly, however, it will lead to peace and well-being. Everyone will be at ease, the atheist as well as the true believer.”

Azerbaijan TV-June 11, 2008

" This is a union of hearts. IN THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION I AM THINKING OF, ALL COUNTRIES WILL REMAIN NATION STATES. This is a union of hearts, of love and a shared reason. To take a joint decision and eradicate terror when it arises somewhere, for instance, or to take a joint decision and thus resolves an economic crisis. Great love is essential. Intense enthusiasm is essential. These things cannot be produced by red tape, but by fervor and enthusiasm. In other words, you need love to extend a helping hand to another country, to take a common decision when terror raises its head anywhere...

Konya TV-February 28, 2008

“The liberation of Palestine is down to us. And the salvation of Israel. Israel will be able to relax with us. Armenia, Turkistan, Tajikistan, Iran and Pakistan will all attain salvation with us at the helm. Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria will jump for joy if Turkey becomes leader. THAT IS WHY WE MUST DELAY NO LONGER. TURKEY MUST ACTIVELY WANT THE JOB. Nobody will object. Nobody will stand up and say they refuse to accept if Turkey asks for the job. It is something everyone wants.”

Star, 15 August 2008
“The Caucasian Alliance in 24 hours”

Vatan, 15 August 2008
“The Caucasian Alliance Is Beginning”

Posta, 15 August 2008
“Turkey Gets Its Way”


Another noteworthy aspect of the reports about the Caucasian Alliance in the press were the invitation to friendship and to join the union issued to Armenia. Shortly before that, a notice in the press based on the works of Adnan Oktar described the alliance between Azerbaijan and Turkey and emphasised the policy to be followed in respect of Armenia. This notice spoke of the need to look towards the future, setting aside past disagreements, and said that a very important responsibility was incumbent on both sides. They particularly emphasised the need for Armenia to adopt a friendly policy and for it to enjoy friendly with its neighbours, and that the Turkish-Islamic Union was a development working to Armenia's advantage. They also stressed the need for the Lachin Corridor to be opened.

Mr. Adnan Oktar has also concentrated on these issues in his interviews with the press. In the wake of these there began a rapprochement between Azerbaijan and Armenia, under Turkish guidance, of a kind never before seen. Turkey's policy has been to invite Armenia to participate in all cultural and economic investments and projects in the region. The Armenian leadership has begun issuing messages of friendship and issuing statements of a kind seldom observed before, saying that existing disagreements should be resolved by diplomatic means. Each one of these historic developments is a clear sign that, as Adnan Oktar has already made clear, major events will take place in the near future and that Turkey will assume a vitally important role in these. By Allah's leave, the time when a fully fledged union under Turkish leadership will come about is close at hand, and that union will benefit not only the Islamic word, but the whole planet.


"There are two states but one nation. Both are Turks and both are Muslim. It is like Ankara being cut off from Konya. The one is just as logical as the other, as these two countries being divided from one another. The Karabagh issue must be resolved through rational discussions with Armenia. That will be to their advantage, because the last thing Armenia wants is to have Turkey and Azerbaijan lined up against it. That would be the worst possible mistake. It should regard Turkey and Azerbaijan as friends and seek their support. That is why it is vital that the Karabagh problem be resolved and the corridor opened up at once. This is my no means impossible, but is really very easy. It can easily be done with a diplomatic initiative, but we need to insist on it. Let us open the corridor up. Let us support Armenia. Let us regenerate its economy. Come and work in Turkey. And we will come and work with you. Come and develop yourselves however much you like in Azerbaijan. Let Azeris go and work in your country. But let us also resolve that problem. That unjust occupation must be ended. Let us open up the road ahead. Let us have two states and one nation."

Bugün, 15 August 2008
“A surprise from Armenia: The prime minister said that Armenia must also be part of the stability platform in the Caucasus.”


Star, 15 August 2008
“The process starts this week”


Akşam, 15 August 2008
“Azerbaijan must also be in the alliance.” 

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