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Muslim countries' support for one another is on the increase

Feelings of solidarity, brotherhood and friendship, longed for over so many years, have increasingly begun dominating the Islamic world. Just about every day the newspapers report statements from politicians and other eminent figures regarding the need for Muslims to ally themselves together. Every day, a great many cultural and economic steps are being taken to accelerate unity within the Turkish-Islamic world. All these developments are signs that, by the will of God, the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union are close at hand.

In his books and in press and television statements, Adnan Oktar particularly emphasizes the importance of the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union and has recently in particular concentrated on the urgent need for this. Announcements based on Adnan Oktar's works include such detailed statements as: "There is no reason why these countries, with a common tradition and heritage of religion, language and culture should not act as one," "Unity will be a great blessing and facility for Turkish-Islamic societies," "The current division and an exceedingly artificial and unnecessary one," "The implementation of the awaited union is a matter of great urgency" and "In the event that the Turkish-Islamic world acts in union and unity it will, by God's leave, rise up again."

One of the excellent consequences of Adnan Oktar's concentrating with great importance on the unity of the Turkish-Islamic world is that supporting Turkey's membership of the UN Security Council. Reports in the press have emphasised the following issues:

"Representatives of member countries of the OIC and the Arab Group have placed on record THEIR BELIEF THAT TURKISH MEMBERSHIP WILL CONTRIBUTE TO WORLD PEACE. It has been learned that while thanking Babacan for his efforts to make the Middle East a place of peace, the Arab Group and OIC member country representatives regard temporary Turkish membership as very good timing. IOC member country representatives also expressed their pleasure at seeing Turkey on their side on all matters, and it was noted that they greatly appreciated Turkish officials' quest for a solution to the problems of less developed countries.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of these statements is that the Islamic world sincerely supports Turkish leadership. Adnan Oktar also notes in his statements the importance of Turkey's Ottoman legacy and has frequently emphasized that it is Turkey that will lead the Turkish Islamic Union. The current developments show that the entire Islamic world supports the unity, solidarity and Turkish leadership stressed by Adnan Oktar very sincerely.

“Support from 55 OIC members for Security Council membership”

Daily Zaman, 19 May 2008

“Full support from the Arab world for Turkey”

Daily Yeni Asya, 25 July 2008


MPL TV- April 23, 2008

MPL: In addition to the theory of evolution, you are also very active regarding the Turkish-Islamic Union. You have made progress. They do want Turkey to lead it, do they not? But why should Turkey lead it? What does Turkey have to gain?

ADNAN OKTAR: Turkey has the experience of state. It has the experience of empire. It is experienced in managing other countries. And it has the ability. The Turkish nation has also remained unsullied. I mean, Anatolia has remained morally uncorrupted. Anatolia has been preserved as it was. Its hospitality, cleanliness, moral virtues, pleasantness, humanity, conception of good neighborliness, compassion and altruism have remained as they were. Europe has lost these. Since these moral values still survive unchanged and since it is the Turks who best apply them, it would seem that it is the Turkish nation that is most able and best suited. I am not the only one to say this. WHICHEVER MUSLIM STATE YOU GO TO, THEY ARE SAYING THE SAME THING THERE, TOO. COME AND LEAD US... EVERYONE SHALL KEEP THEIR OWN STATE, BUT THERE MUST BE A SPIRITUAL UNION. THAT IS THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION since all the Turkic countries are Muslim. This is huge element for equilibrium in the region. Its greatest advantage will be the immediate ending of terror. No such thing as terror will remain. Terror will be eradicated from the face of the Earth. Secondly, there will be an enormous economic revitalization. Most importantly, however, it will lead to peace and well-being. Everyone will be at ease, the atheist as well as the true believer. Christians, Jews and even Buddhists will enjoy greater ease in an Islamic society, a society in which Islamic moral values prevail. That is why it will be enormously beneficial for Islamic moral values to prevail in the region, in the Missle East and in the Turkish-Islamic Union. That is a matter of urgency.

Konya TV-January 29, 2008

This is favourable to America. Anarchy will come to an end as soon as an Islamic Union, a Turkish-Islamic Union is established. Terrorism will stop at once, and there will be great wealth and plenty.

ADNAN OKTAR: TURKEY WILL BE A MAJOR STATE. INSHAALLAH, IT WILL LEAD THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC WORLD. Turkey is in any case free, but it will be even freer and more democratic. InshaAllah, it will be even better.

KON TV: So you really believe that Turkey can occupy a leadership position in all these conditions?

ADNAN OKTAR: Our nation is excellent in nature and QUITE CAPABLE OF LEADING.
2008-09-20 21:58:50

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