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Adnan Oktar's calls to union are becoming a reality

Following on Adnan Oktar's recent concentration on the Turkish-Islamic Union, a most important, historic advance has been taken in Islamic lands, particularly the Middle East. Voices from Iran, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Azerbaijan and all other Islamic countries saying “Let us unite at once, we are brothers and union is essential for Muslims” are louder than ever before. In addition, these are not limited to comments by writers or researchers. High ranking leaders of state and opinion-formers in Turkish-Islamic countries have begun referring to the importance of the Islamic Union more than ever before, and are even taking significant steps in that direction. Joint economic initiatives have been established, the number of joint investments has risen and joint assemblies have been founded. The common view of politicians and intellectuals is that the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union is now but a matter of moments.

The recent visit to Istanbul by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was particularly noteworthy in that regard. President Ahmadinejad's concentration on love and brotherhood throughout his visit, his friendly feelings towards Turkey, his emphasis on the need for union among Muslims and the way he acted emphasizing that there is no division among Muslims are all exceedingly significant developments.

Moreover, the way that he followed a Sunni imam during the prayer also shows that Shiism does not maintain a false perspective in that respect. This act by the President reveals the Islamic brotherhood and Islamic bonds between Sunnis and Shias, and that a Shiite can perform the prayer behind a Sunni imam or vice versa. It is therefore plain to see that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad looks very favorably on the idea of an Islamic Union and Islamic brotherhood under Turkish leadership, of the kind for which Adnan Oktar has paved the way.



“Four countries of Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq have always held continuous talks. ... We are four neighboring countries, with shared cultures and civilizations and very broad beliefs. We think there are enough issues to necessitate for continuous holding of continuous four-sided talks.”

"Iran and Turkey have deep-rooted, historic ties and we regard Turkey's progress as our own country's progress, being sure that the people of Turkey have the same feeling about Iran.”

“We believe Iran and Turkey can complete the shortcomings of one another and THEIR COOPERATION WOULD LEAD TO THE EMERGENCE OF A BIG POWER AT THE SERVICE OF SECURITY OF THE REGION AND THE WORLD PEACE. We need to strengthen our beliefs in the might of ourselves, and to pave the long path towards the peaks of pride resolutely. Fortunately, both nations comprehend such needs deeply, and know the bright path they need to pave is in need of strong will power. We love the Turkish nation from the bottom of our hearts, and this love has roots in the history of our beliefs. We will remain by the side of one another for good.”



… We share the same faith, language and culture. WE ARE EXACTLY THE SAME. WE HAVE THE SAME CULTURE AND FOREBEARS, SO THERE IS NO NEED FOR SUCH SEPARATION. … There is the European Union, so why not the Turkish-Islamic Union? People can travel and settle within the EU as they wish. They do not use passports and visas. AND WE ARE BROTHERS, SO WHY SHOULD WE NOT DO THE SAME? There is no reason, and it is perfectly possible. … We have the flour and sugar, all we have to do now is bake the cake. (Kusadasi TV-July 14, 2008)

These things are all the beginning of that road. THE WHOLE QUESTION IS ONE OF A SOCIETY WITH A POWERFUL FAITH WISHING IT, DECIDING ON IT, AND FOLLOWING IT THROUGH TO THE END. The Turkish-Islamic Union is one subject we will never abandon. We need to pursue it day and night, from rising in the morning to going to bed at night. We must adhere to the moral values of the Qur’an and labor day and night for the Turkish-Islamic Union. A CAUSE WITH SUCH DEDICATION BEHIND IT WILL INVARIABLY BEAR FRUIT, INSHAALLAH. (Cay TV-July 23, 2008)

But if a Turkish-Islamic Union is established, if a rational-minded Turkish-Islamic Union can be established, these problems will disappear from their very roots. And Islamic moral values will immediately prevail across the world. It will happen in the blink of an eye. That is why me must concentrate on the subject of union. All the Turkic states, which are just about entirely Muslim, and all Muslim states must come together under a single roof. We can set up a huge structure like a Turkish-Islamic NATO, a Turkish-Islamic Common Market and keep them all as independent nation states, in other words, there is no need for states to change form. The system will be based on rationality and true love and enthusiasm. It is essential to eliminate any formality. Too much formality will break its spirit. Formality must be avoided. Love, one; sincerity, two. These matters need to be resolved in a spirit of intense love and sincerity. ... If you notice, the idea of a Turkish-Islamic Union has spread considerably of late. WE ARE ALL THE CHILDREN OF THE PROPHET ADAM (AS). THE HEARTS OF THE WHOLE ISLAMIC WORLD ARE BEATING AS ONE. The hearts of the entire Turkic world are beating as one. There is no distinction between them. (Denge TV-July 3, 2008)



The Sunni-Shiite division is a Masonic ruse, and is purely artificial. I do not believe that the kind of person who can fall for that ruse can be a normal Muslim. Shiites are exceedingly pure, sincere, clean and sound Muslims. Sunnis are also completely sound, spotless Muslims. There is no difference between them. They all face the same Qibla. They all believe in Allah and love the same Prophet. I feel profound and deep affection for them all. Any distinction is artificial. As for my own position, I am a Sayyid, descended from the blessed Ali. The blessed Ali is my ancestor, so of course I feel a deep love for him. He was a blessed and glorious individual. We must see the goodness and wisdom in everything these people do. We must respect the behavior of both the blessed Aisha and the blessed Ali. We must now leave them to themselves. We must leave them to Allah. By His leave, they are all in Paradise in the Hereafter, inshaAllah. We must continue in a spirit of brotherhood. There is no need for especially deep research or inquiry in matters of this kind, since it is the final result that matters. We may not be able to understand all aspects of what Allah has created with goodness and wisdom. There is no need for us to attempt to understand everything. Our only duty is to abide by the Qur’an and the Sunnah. (Al-Baghdadi TV- Avril 30, 2008))

The Turkish press also interpreted President Ahmadinejad's messages as important milestones on the road to an Islamic Union. One article by Hakan Albayrak dated 16 August, 2008, said the following under the caption “Ahmadinejad’s Visit: The Turning of a New Leaf in History:”

"These declarations by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at a press conference in Istanbul yesterday during his visit to Turkey indicate a new Turkish-Iranian Vision. This vision IS ONE OF LOVE. THIS VISION IS ONE OF A STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP. This vision is one of comradeship. THIS VISION IS ONE OF ALLIANCE AND UNION… The subsequent path will be one of unity and togetherness. Minor difficulties in these bilateral relations can never overshadow that reality. By performing the Friday prayer in an Ottoman mosque with his Sunni brothers, the Iranian President has announced the turning of a new leaf. And the congregation greeting him with shows of joy and cries of the takbir also happily confirm the turning over of a new leaf.” (Hakan Albayrak, Daily Yeni Şafak, 16.8.2008)

An article in Hamshahri, Iran’s highest circulation daily, also set out the importance of the Turkish-Islamic Union and described how that union was drawing a little closer with every passing day:

“The Middle East is undergoing the most difficult days in its history, but we can overcome all crises with an alliance between Iran, Turkey and Syria. America cannot succeed anywhere these three countries act together. It has failed in Iraq. Its plans for Syria collapsed thanks to Iran and Turkey watching over Syria... Ahmedinejad's visit to Turkey will be A HISTORIC STEP TAKEN IN THE DIRECTION OF AN ALLIANCE INDISPENSABLE TO THE SALVATION OF THE REGION.”


Milliyet , 16 August 2008

“The prayer being performed in an Ottoman mosque is a major political event”

Sabah, 16 August 2008

“The Iranian President performed the Friday prayer in Sultanahmet Mosque:
He performed the Shia prayer in a Sunni mosque.”

Türkiye, 16 August 2008

“Ahmadinejad’s visit has brought the two countries even closer together:
A new dawn with Tehran”

Zaman, 16 August 2008

“It is in everyone’s interests for Turkey to join the EU”

Tercuman 9 July 2008

“True Jews are not Zionists”

President Ahmadinejad's statements on his view of Zionism were also worthy of note. In his statements concerning Zionism he said that he had nothing against devout Jews and that the real danger was a Zionist mindset incompatible with religious moral values.  A previous statement by Adnan Oktar on the subject reads:

“Atheist Zionists have imprisoned the Jewish people. Devout Jews in Israel are in a terrible situation. The atheist Zionists really oppress them. True, devout Jews are excellent people. They are good-natured. They fear Allah. They believe in and pray to one Allah. They strongly believe in the Hereafter and carefully observe what is lawful and avoid what is not. Atheist Zionists, on the other hand, are exceedingly cruel and bloodthirsty. Theirs is a fanatical system that constantly desires blood and offers that blood up to satan…” (Konya TV-February 28, 2008)
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