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The importance of Turkey to the European Union

In his statements about the European Union, Adnan Oktar constantly addresses one very important issue. That is the need for Turkey to join the EU as leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union and the fact that Turkey’s accession will be of great material and spiritual benefit to Europe. Mr. Oktar emphasizes that with its moral values and virtues, which have been lost by most of the Western world, the Turkish nation can act as a guide and role model for those of Europe, and that it is Turkey that will free Europe from the spiritual impasse in which it finds itself. 


The ideal thing is the formation of the Turkish-Islamic Union. That means all Islamic countries adopting a single leader, all Turkic countries having a single leader, because their populations are generally Muslim. However, Turkey adopting the role of older brother in the region will also mean the protection of Armenian interests, an effort being made to enrich them, too, and the protection of Israeli interests, peace in Palestine, and maintaining a benevolent watch over the whole area. This most urgent task is also of great importance with regard to the European Union. It will be a blessing and a joy for the EU to be rid of terror and the fear of terror. The Turkish-Islam Union will do this most efficiently. All suffering and conflict in the Islamic world will come to an end. … Not a day must be lost in setting up the Turkish-Islamic Union. We need it now. It will be in everyone’s interests, NATO, the EU and the whole world. China will find its position improved, and Russia, especially Russia. And the EU. America will become richer and stronger, in other words, it will be beneficial and advantageous in all respects. But it is essential that Turkey be its leader. (Turkmeneli TV-April 22, 2008)

"Turkey has the experience of state. It has the experience of empire. It is experienced in managing other countries. And it has the ability. The Turkish nation has also remained unsullied. I mean, Anatolia has remained morally uncorrupted. Anatolia has been preserved as it was. Its hospitality, cleanliness, moral virtues, pleasantness, humanity, conception of good neighborliness, compassion and altruism have remained as they were. Europe has lost these… This is nothing for Europe to be alarmed at. It is a salvation for Europe. The Turkish-Islamic Union will also be a kind of police force for Europe, because it is a powerful structure that will protect Europe and the world, and bring the world peace and security. Europe will live in peace and security. Why should Europe not desire it? Nothing will change. This system will also support NATO and the EU. It will be a great blessing for the EU. The European Union will become hugely wealthy because of it… The love of the Turkish-Islamic Union will enfold them, too. They will live in peace.” (MPL TV-April 23, 2008)

Press announcements based on the works of Adnan Oktar refer to the issue as follows:

The religious devotion, love, friendship, sense of altruism, affection for the good, hospitality, traditional humanity, in short all human, moral and spiritual virtues, in Anatolia represent the ideal life style and conception of living for all humanity. The whole world, AND ESPECIALLY EUROPE, HAS A DESPERATE NEED FOR THESE HUMAN MORAL VALUES. Because of the Darwinist, materialist and atheist way of thinking that dominates it, the European Union is doomed, sooner or later, to collapse. But an EU that adopts the superior moral virtues, character traits and life style of the Turkish nation will attain a flawless structure. To that end, it is essential for Turkey to join the EU as a major state, as the leader of the Turkic and Islamic worlds, and to bestow its own spiritual nature upon it. The anti-Darwinist, anti-materialist, religious, patriotic and intellectual Turkish nation will successfully undertake this historic task.

In following the path of a worn-out and exhausted materialism, Europe is heading towards death. It has fallen into the swamp of materialism, and the only power that can extract it is the Turkish nation. By the will of Allah, the Turkish nation will teach it human feelings, love, compassion, loyalty and solidarity, and be a means whereby the world enters upon a new age.

Statements have recently emerged from the European Union that closely parallel those of Adnan Oktar and the elements he stresses in his works. This is how these have appeared in the Turkish press:

Tercüman, 30 May 2008

“Economist’s warning to the EU: Turkey does not need us, but we need it”


Referans, 23 June 2008

“EU Ambassador to Turkey Marc Pierini tells Referans:
Turkey will be a model solution for the EU, combining Islam, secularism and democracy”


Cumhuriyet, 5 June 2008

“The EU cannot resolve any problems without Turkey”

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