The Secret Beyond Matter

France has still not recovered from the shock of Atlas of Creation 6


Italy: Minister of Education Letizia Moratti signed a decree intended to remove the theory of evolution from middle school curricula...


Greece: Evolution is not included in school curricula.


Turkey: 75% of high school students do not believe in the theory of evolution (according to a poll by the Academy of Sciences). Creationist theses appear in school textbooks... Atlas of Creation, which arrived in France in January 2007, was sent from Turkey.


The fact that France, the cradle of materialism, had until now exhibited no reaction to any creationist activity but now constantly draws attention to Atlas of Creation, stems from the fact that it has received a heavy blow in the intellectual struggle. The works of Harun Yahya being portrayed as "the most effective" creationist movement in the French press, and the panic seen among materialist-Darwinist circles, is a significant indication of the defeat of their ideology.

2008-08-18 02:01:25

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