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France has still not recovered from the shock of Atlas of Creation 1

The December 2007 edition of the well-known French magazine Science et Vie devoted nine pages to Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation and its impact on the world, particularly France. The comments in the magazine regarding the Atlas, from a confirmed evolutionist publication, clearly revealed the defeat of the theory of evolution and the traumatic psychological effect this has had on evolutionists.

Although it is now a year since the Atlas of Creation reached France it is obvious that evolutionists have still not recovered from the shattering effect of the book. Newly aware of the change that has taken place among the French public and that they will be unable to do away with the facts that people have recently learned, Darwinists are now weak, despairing and apathetic. Some comments reflecting the psychological trauma that Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation caused among evolutionists read as follows:



Darwinists are well aware of their helplessness in the face of the deadly blow suffered by the theory of evolution and of the rapid spread of belief in Creation. Seeing that no ban or other measure can prevent this momentum, evolutionists have despairingly accepted their inability to (supposedly) protect the French public - in other words to prevent them learning the truth.


An Atlas, sent to all schools in 2007 and that refutes the theory of evolution, came just like a cold shower.

The arrival of Atlas of Creation had literally a "shock" impact in France, which had for decades been subjected to Darwinist and materialist indoctrination. The term "like a cold shower" in the report is one sign of this shattering impact.


Two thousand copies of Atlas of Creation were distributed free of charge to French schools and universities in January 2007. A poisoned gift...

Darwinists took easy advantage of the lack of any effective activity, supported by convincing scientific evidence, against the theory of evolution to produce propaganda in France for 150 years. However, Atlas of Creation has torn away the supposed scientific mask worn by the theory of evolution and has shown, with full supporting evidence, that evolution is a deception. The word "poisoned" emphasizes this powerful impact of the Atlas. But Atlas of Creation is in fact an antidote, acting in the same way as a medicine spreading through the body, by means of which minds poisoned by materialist-Darwinist propaganda have for the first time come to see the truth and allowing them to use their power of judgment in a sound and healthy manner.





Thick (770 pages, 6 kg) and luxurious (with thousands of color illustrations of fossil animals), Atlas of Creation takes its evidence from the Qur'an and seeks to reveal the "imposture of evolutionists."



... a surprise: an attack on the Darwinian theory of evolution with a religious analysis from the Qur'an is taking place in our country.


The collapse of Darwinism means materialism and atheism losing one of their main foundations. In a country such as France, where materialism and atheism reign supreme, effective and convincing criticism of Darwinism is something that has never been seen before. The reason why the ideas in the Atlas are described as an "attack" is alarm at the deadly blow dealt to atheistic ideologies.


Dominique Rojat, a SVT inspector of national education, says: "This is the first major Muslim-based action in this area."


Does this mean that it is likely to influence Muslims alone? No. Patrick Tort, a philosopher and expert on Darwin, admits that there is no doubt that this message with its religious content will be heeded by some Muslims. However, he also emphasizes that the Atlas is "a propaganda book aimed at the entire world."

Since Atlas of Creation reveals clear proof of the existence of Allah it is of as much importance to Judaism and Christianity as it is to Islam. This book definitively demolishes the Darwinist nonsense, the supposed foundation for atheism, that everything comes about as the result of a series of coincidences. The belief in the three major Divine religions - Islam, Christianity and Judaism - that an Omniscient and All-Powerful Creator, Allah, brought the universe into existence, is thus further reinforced.


This means that creationism has influenced all religious beliefs with a considerable success.

In these words, materialist circles, stunned by the scale of their sudden defeat, have once again been forced to admit the superiority of Atlas of Creation in the intellectual struggle taking place.


Throughout its 770 pages Atlas of Creation seeks to systematically demonstrate "the imposture of evolutionists" in both its text and illustrations...


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