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The bonds between Turkic and Muslim countries are growing stronger

Adnan Oktar's calls to Turkic and Muslim countries for co-operation and solidarity have begun bearing fruit. As well as meetings at which Islamic scholars combine to emphasize brotherhood and unity and statesmen who stress the need for union in the Turkish-Islamic world, important political and economic steps that will constitute the basis of that union have also been taken. One of these is the implementation of the historic project known as the "Iron Silk Road."

Construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, the most important section of a route that will link Great Britain and China, is most important both in terms of heightening Turkey's geo-strategic importance and of strengthening our human and economic ties to our relatives and brothers living in the Turkic states. In this way;

   1. The infrastructure of a Turkish-Islamic world under Turkish leadership and the establishment of peace, security, stability and well-being in the region are being established.
   2. Secure distribution of energy resources, which are essential both to our Turkic brothers and relatives and to all the peoples of the world, will be made possible.
   3. Easy transport links will facilitate economic and commercial co-operation.
   4. Social and cultural activities between communities will increase, and solidarity and togetherness will be accelerated.
   5. This project will constitute the basis for other regional co-operation.

Daily Hürriyet, 25 July 2008
"There is no other such co-operation anywhere on Earth; Britain will be linked to China"

Statements by Turkish President Abdullah Gul are particularly noteworthy in press reports regarding this project that will represent a major foundation of the union of the Turkish-Islamic world. President Gul has particularly noted that this project is establishing an "economic zone" between Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Another significant element in that address by President Gul is the message of peace and friendship directed towards Armenia. President Gul extended an invitation that would play a leading role in peace and stability in the region and said, "The project is open to all other regional countries which contribute to stability and are committed to good neighborly relations." Shortly before that, towards the end of May 2008, a call for peace and friendship was issued to Armenia in announcements based on the works of Harun Yahya. These emphasized the need to priority to be attached to joint projects to be implemented by Azerbaijan and Turkey, and stressed that the alliance between Turkey and Azerbaijan would be the forerunner to the Turkish-Islamic Union. The fact that all these statements have been so effective in such a short space of time is particularly pleasing in terms of the bright future to be enjoyed by Turkey and the region.

Daily Sabah, 25 July 2008
"Strong will has made the dream of an iron silk road a reality"

Daily Star, 25 July 2008
"Yerevan invited to 'Be a good neighbor and join the silk road'"

Extracts from the Announcement Titled
"Turkey and Azerbaijan Must Come Together As Two States, One Nation,"
Based on the Works of Adnan Oktar:

If Armenia behaves in a friendly and brotherly manner, and if it sets aside everything left over from the past, then commercial and cultural relations with Armenia can be established. Armenia will obviously benefit from a climate of friendship resulting from Azerbaijan and Turkey uniting together. Economic, political and commercial union will benefit all parties, and a region enjoying great well-being will emerge under those conditions. Armenians will enjoy greater freedom and security in commerce, and in their religion, language and their life styles. The constant tension in the area will thus be replaced by peace. That peace will obviously be to the advantage of all involved.

What needs to be done today is to forget the past and look to the future. Instead of talking about what happened in the past the whole time, we should talk about what can be done in the future, how economic conditions in the region can be improved, what cultural steps can be taken, how stability can be established and how all disputes can be eliminated. That is what we must concentrate on. There is no point in bringing up the past and raising tensions again. Violence, tension and fanaticism are of no benefit to any society. The most rational and logical way of achieving a solution is to avoid violence of all kinds, to choose moderation over extremism, to behave in a moderate, tolerant and patient manner, and to resolve any problems that may arise through negotiation.

From Adnan Oktar's Interview with Kuşadasi TV (July14, 2008)

Presenter: What can you tell us about the Turkish-Islamic Union? Many people regard this as a utopian dream. That is what many people think. Do you really believe it will come about?

Adnan Oktar:
... We share the same faith, language and culture. We are exactly the same. We have the same culture and forebears, so there is no need for such separation. That is why the passport and visa requirement between the Turkic states and Muslims needs to be lifted. People must be free to come and go as they wish. Commerce must be freed as much as possible, and ties must be strengthened. There is the European Union, so why not the Turkish-Islamic Union? People can travel and settle within the EU as they wish. They do not use passports and visas. And we are brothers, so why should we not do the same? There is no reason, and it is perfectly possible. These are the countries with finest territories. The lands of the Turkish-Islamic states are the world's richest in terms of mineral resources. They have the richest oil reserves. We have the flour and sugar, all we have to do now is bake the cake. That is what all the Turkish people want. ...

From Adnan Oktar's Interview with Denge TV (July 3, 2008)

Adnan Oktar:
If a rational-minded Turkish-Islamic Union can be established, these problems will disappear from their very roots. And Islamic moral values will immediately prevail across the world. It will happen in the blink of an eye. That is why me must concentrate on the subject of union. All the Turkic states, which are just about entirely Muslim, and all Muslim states must come together under a single roof. We can set up a huge structure like a Turkish-Islamic NATO, a Turkish-Islamic Common Market and keep them all as independent nation states, in other words, there is no need for states to change form. The system will be based on rationality and true love and enthusiasm. It is essential to eliminate any formality. Too much formality will break its spirit. Formality must be avoided. Love, one; sincerity, two. These matters need to be resolved in a spirit of intense love and sincerity.

Examples of announcements based on the works of Adnan Oktar, printed in June 2008, and encouraging political, commercial, economic, military and cultural union in the Turkish-Islamic world:

Under the Guarantee of the Turkish-Islamic Union, the Best Possible Use Will Be Made of Energy Resources and Raw Materials:

The enlightenment brought about by the Turkish-Islamic Union will greatly benefit the entire world. The USA, Russia, China, Israel and all the states of Europe will see that deep-rooted problems that have persisted for many years have suddenly been resolved with the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union, which will be of benefit to everyone. All concerns regarding the security, economies and cultural values of the great powers lying outside the Turkish-Islamic Union will disappear once that union has been established. The war against terror will come to an end, cultural conflict will be completely eradicated, it will be possible for underground resources and raw materials to be used in the best manner by everyone, there will be economic stability and the possibility of crisis will be eliminated, and funds currently diverted to military expenditure will be spent on a high-quality and more secure life for all. A powerful Turkish-Islamic Union is obviously in the interests of all.

The Encouragement of Economic and Commercial Co-operation:

The Turkish-Islamic Union will revitalize trade and strengthen the economy. Union among Muslim countries in the economic, political and cultural arenas will permit the less developed to make rapid progress and those countries which already possess the requisite means and infrastructure to use these as efficiently as possible. Economic growth and investment in science and technology will rise. With economic development will come a natural rise in education levels, and society will make progress on a number of fronts.

Passages on the subject taken from Adnan Oktar's A Call for an Islamic Union, published in 2003:

"Joint ventures and project partnerships will be an important step in the right direction, for they will enable countries to benefit from one another's experiences and the income earned from investment projects will benefit all of the participating countries."

"Joint ventures that realize the Islamic world's unification of opportunities and means will enable Muslims to produce hi-tech products. The Islamic common market will make it possible for Muslim-made products to be marketed in other Muslim countries without the hindrance of customs, quotas, and other cross-border obstacles. The marketplace will grow, the market share and exports of all Muslim nations will rise, industrialization will speed up, and economic development will bring progress in technology. When all of this comes to pass, Muslim nations will operate as a consortium against other investment groups and will become an important part of the global economy."

"Economic cooperation is necessary on two counts: stability and development. Muslim nations must bring stability and solidity to their economies. Developing industries and making the required investments is vital, as is the need for a comprehensive development plan and the simultaneous development of education, economy, culture, science, and technology. While various sectors are developed technologically, the labor force's educational levels and standards must be raised accordingly. Society must be motivated to become more productive..."
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