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The Turkish-Islamic union is becoming a reality

Adnan Oktar's statements in both his books and articles and also in the press and on television emphasize the importance of the Turkish-Islamic Union and impart the welcome tidings that this union will soon be established. Mr. Oktar says that the Turkish-Islamic Union will bring peace, security, well-being and justice to the region and the entire world, and stresses that Turkey will play the leading role in that union.

These statements provoke wide responses and lead to significant developments. Indications of these responses frequently appear in various press organs. For example, an article by Nasuhi Güngör published in the Turkish daily Star in January 2008 and titled "The Turkish Union Parliament Is Being Set Up" described how the union being established was becoming a reality with the participation of the Turkish states.

In fact, Adnan Oktar had described in an interview with Vatan TV several weeks previously how that Turkish-Islamic Union would be established, how vital that union was, and how the preparations for the establishment of that crucial union were under way. Mr Oktar's interview, in which he described the need for a parliament to constitute the basis of the Turkish-Islamic Union to be set up and translated into reality, went as follows:

Our aim is of course to reveal and set out your views. In my eyes, one of the most striking points of this interview is that you are involved in activities completely outside the usual. What were those activities? You describe the Turkish-Islamic Union. We have already touched on it, but I have seen a map concerning the Turkish-Islamic Union in your books.


VATAN TV: Maybe the cameramen could get a close-up of that map. Much of your map of the Turkish-Islamic Union consists of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, the Saha Turks, Yakutstan, the Sultanate of Burma, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Jordan. India has a population of 1 billion. Then there are the Africans... In other words, is it possible for Turkey to build a Turkish-Islamic Union in such a vast territory? Would the world permit such a thing?

ADNAN OKTAR: It means the whole region living in peace, well-being and brotherhood. Everyone wants that because all these regions are afflicted by terror, anarchy and bloodshed. If you tell someone you are offering him peace, well-being and civilization, how can he possibly refuse?

It is difficult, of course, for a television program to go into all the details. Various structures will have to be put in place in this Turkish-Islamic Union. It will have a center, a secretariat, a state structure. What form will the Turkish-Islamic Union secretariat take?

When it is set up, a Turkish-Islamic Union Parliament will be established. That is already happening and being prepared. Someone the state finds acceptable will be brought in, and it will proceed very smoothly.
(Vatan TV-January 12, 2008)

The Turkish Union Parliament Is Being Set Up

2008-08-17 21:31:28

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