The Secret Beyond Matter

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Hey Kids: 150 years ago Charles Darwin proposed an illogical theory about how living creatures are formed. This theory is a story which has nothing to do with reality. Darwin falsely believed that everything came to be by coincidence; that living matter came together by coincidence to form a living cell from which other living things formed themselves. The theory says that all the living creatures we see around us-cats, dogs, birds, fish, rabbits, ants and all manner of plants came into being from one another. Besides, it is said that human beings and apes came into being from the same creature. But as you know very well, these claims of Darwin and evolutionists are false. The theory of evolution completely contradicts science. Because the level of technology wasn't as good then as it is today, a strong scientific response to the evolution theory could not be given and after a while it was just accepted. But after years of investigation by modern technology, it has been shown that the theory of evolution is composed of mistakes and falsehhoods and there is no such thing as evolution on the earth.

In "Charles Darwin and His Magic Barrel", "Wonders of Allah's Creation", "24 Hours in the Life of a Muslim" and other books of ours, we explained in various ways what evolution was and how it was invalid. In this book we shall consider another kind of proof that shows evolution to be a lie: the fossil record. We shall explain to you this important scientific proof showing that creatures that lived millions of years ago have come down to us without any alterations.

Before that, I would like to remind you of a another point which you should bear in mind as you read articles, books and documentaries prepared by evolutionists. In spite of all the proof that there is no such thing as evolution, and that creatures that appeared millions of years ago still retain the same appearance today, evolutionists refuse to accept this truth. This is because such people have let themselves be persuaded that evolution is a scientific fact; evolution has become their obsession and their myth. Such people refuse to see the proofs against evolution and refuse to read news articles and books that look at the question impartially. They are afraid that, if they do this, the false world they have created will crumble. They do everything possible to hold on to their myth; they support their theory irrationally which puts them in great error. Allah has created all living things and every species separately. That is, from the time they first appeared a fish has remained a fish, a caterpillar a caterpillar, a bee is still a bee and ants are still ants. In other words, evolution has never happened. Kids, this is a clear, scientific fact that you must keep in mind.

This book shows that evolution has never happened and that Allah has created every living creature. It demonstrates once again that evolutionists are liars. You will find in this book the remains of creatures that lived millions of years ago and have come down to us as living fossils. These creatures will step out of the depths of history and tell you their own story. They too want to put an end to the tales that are told about them. These fossils which come from various regions of the world shout out the truth. Millions of years-old fossils say, "Allah created us; we did not evolve."

After you have read this book, you will be more aware and you will not be deceived by the stories and tales about evolution. You will be able to give a scientific answer to those who want to deceive you. Even if these people are called 'scientists' or 'professors', don't you let them take you in. It's because the evolutionists do not evaluate their observations scientifically and see everything through their own obsessions. They have accepted evolution throughout their whole lives and, if they suddenly abandoned it, they may think they will be humiliated and ashamed. But people make mistakes and may be obsessed for a long time by their errors but, the important thing is that they turn away from their errors the moment they are shown the truth. Those prepared to do this will receive much more respect. But make no mistake about it: those who have continued until now to espouse evolution will soon turn away from their error and confess the invalidity of this theory. It's because living fossils invite them to see the facts and not be afraid to admit the truth.


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