The Secret Beyond Matter


In the Creation Museum are exhibited various examples of God’s creative artistry. You can sit and read a book in the museum garden, or, if you so choose, wander through the exhibition of “examples of the design in nature.” In the halls of this three-dimensional virtual museum you can watch short films and listen to recordings on those subjects from the sound systems in the garden. In the garden at the entrance to the museum you can obtain information about the author as well as reading the books exhibited here in PDF format by clicking on them. By clicking on the posters on the walls of the inner garden, you can visit the relevant web sites, as long as you are connected to the Internet.
In order to make your visit to the museum more enjoyable, we recommend you load the CD onto your computer and watch it that way.
In order to visit the Creation Museum of Harun Yahya you first need to load the player program. This you can do by clicking on the 2nd button in the 01.htm file. In addition, if they are not already installed on your computer, you can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader program necessary to read the books in the museum, as well as the flash player you will need to watch the films, by clicking on this button.
When the museum appears on the screen you need to click anywhere on the image to start your visit.
We recommend you use the following keys:
(Up Arrow)                           : To move forward,
(Down Arrow)                      : To move backwards,
(Left Arrow)                         : To turn left,
(Right Arrow)                       : To turn right,
(Ctrl) + (Up Arrow) : To look up,
(Ctrl) + (Down Arrow)       : To look down,
(Shift) + (Left Arrow)        : To move sideways left,
(Shift) + (Right Arrow)      : To move sideways right,
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