The Secret Beyond Matter


In order to see the truth, a person sometimes has to set rules and preconceptions that he or she has hitherto regarded as the absolute truth to one side. That is because it is impossible for people to make the right decision if they approach a subject, whatever that may be, with preconceptions. Even if something which they have decided beforehand is bad is subsequently proved countless times to be good, they will still continue regarding it as bad.

One of the subjects that most deceive people on the subject of seeing the truth is their belief that what “the majority” do is right. For example, a great many people may never think that they will one day die. Someone who sees this but who never thinks may well look at those around him and say “Since that is how everyone else is, there is no harm in my behaving in that way, too,” and thus begin living without ever considering death.

The fact is, however, that this is a great deception. Every human being has a duty to think, to see the true face of this world, and to arrange his or her life accordingly. Do not forget that thinking, and seeing the truth by drawing conclusions from that, while God has granted us the opportunity in the life of this world, will bring with it enormous gains in our lives in the Hereafter.
In this interactive CD inspired by the works of Harun Yahya, you will see truths that may have been denied due to preconceptions, and will think about these sure and certain facts.
2004-12-18 12:31:41

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