The Secret Beyond Matter

Exposing the secret dictatorship

It imposes a political agenda and creates a situation of oppression wherein physical prowess is used to drive people towards atheism and turn them into selfish materialists who view this world as an arena of struggle. This is the dictatorship of Darwinism and the world doesn't even know that it exists.

For the last 150 years, our world has been suffering under the grip of an iron dictatorship. This dictatorship created suffering and gave rise to feelings of hatred and aggression.

However, it imposes a political agenda and creates a situation of oppression wherein physical prowess is used to drive people towards atheism and turn them into selfish materialists who view this world as an arena of struggle. This is the dictatorship of Darwinism and the world doesn’t even know that it exists.

It is fiercely promoted despite all the mounting evidence against it and constantly imposed on nations, on leaders, and on academics. Today, in almost every country, the indoctrination of evolution starts in elementary school and continues throughout one’s life.

People are forced to accept Darwinism by the sheer force of intimidation, propaganda and illusion. This is the only reason why no world leader today can express their objection to Darwinism or even the most religious countries teach their children evolution, although it essentially denies the existence of God.

This surprising imposition is due to one reason only: Darwin’s theory of evolution, which even Darwin himself had doubts about, was chosen as the so-called basis of materialism and since then, has been forced upon the people. As a result, generations have been indoctrinated into believing that evolution happened.

The Technics & Science Research Foundation, which has for decades showed a commendable stance against this harassment, has been organising international science conferences for the last three years. As a part of this commitment, scientists from around the world come together and explain why evolution is wrong and how it is consistently refuted by science.

In the latest conference, which was held on April 28, 2018 in the Fairmont Quasar Hotel in Istanbul, eight scientists used the latest scientific findings to show that science proved God’s existence. The first speaker, American biochemist Dr Fazale Rana, responded to the junk DNA fallacy of the evolutionary theory and explained that the recent Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) project showed that there was no such thing as junk DNA and that DNA was a fantastic example of God’s creation.

Physicist Dr Bijan Nemati talked about the very creation of the Earth and how it was especially designed to accommodate life. He also showed that the Earth is protected meticulously in the universe, which is the only example we know of in the universe. American theologian Kenneth Keathley talked about the seven days of creation described in the Bible and explained why the new ‘Young Earth’ movement was wrong. American academician Anna Manja Larcher demonstrated that love and compassion could not be accounted for by evolutionary ideas. Dr David Snoke, a professor of Physics and Astronomy from the US explained how, despite their resistance, the scientific community is now clearly referring to the design visible in the nature and is carrying out their work based on the assumption that everything is intelligently designed.

Italian sociologist Fabrizio Fratus pushed back the idea that evolution was science and demonstrated that in truth, it was nothing but a mere ideology disguised as science. Turkish neurosurgeon Dr Oktar Babuna explained that the Quran pointed to creation and not evolution, while Austrian Professor Hans Köchler analysed monotheism and the meaning of co-existence.

This conference marked a turning point not only because it heralds the fall of the materialist dictatorship, but because it brought together people with different faiths and ethnicities for a good cause.

There is another reason why this scientific refusal of evolution by scientists was crucial: Dangerous and erroneous ideas like ‘life is a struggle’, ‘you have to be cruel to be successful’, ‘feel no compassion, you are an animal just like everyone else’ is the main reason behind the current culture of hatred that is wreaking havoc around the world. Even terrorism, one of the biggest problems in today’s world, is usually due to this hateful and selfish mentality.

A person who knows that he is created by God, like all others, and that humans are not animals, a person who appreciates the beauty of love, compassion and forgiveness, cannot possibly hurt anyone.

For these reasons, this was a historical meeting that made it clear that better days are ahead and we hope that it will be an example to for similar future events that will help save our world from the clutches of this dangerous and covert dictatorship.

Adnan Oktar's piece in The Pioneer:

2018-06-12 19:50:25

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