The Secret Beyond Matter

Dr. Oktar Babuna, Neurosurgeon, 3rd International Conference on the Origin of Life and the Universe, April 28th, 2018-Istanbul


Creation in the Qur'an


The fact that Muslims believe in, and the Qur’an clearly states, is that God created everything.

Therefore, it is impossible for a Muslim to advocate the theory of evolution, which is a pagan superstition dating back to the time of the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians, explaining everything with coincidences.


God surely could have created the living organisms through evolution if He had wished so. But the Qur’an does not contain any such information or any verse supporting the gradual formation of life forms as claimed by evolutionists.

Had such a manner of creation existed, we would have seen it in the verses of the Qur’an with its elaborate explanations.


But on the contrary, God informs us in the Qur’an that life and the universe is created miraculously with God’s commandment, ‘Be’.



Religion has taught the truth of Creation, which all people can grasp through reason and personal observation, since the Creation of first human being. All Divine religions have taught that God created the universe by commanding "Be!" and that its flawless functioning is proof of His great power of Creation. Many verses in the Qur’an also reveal this truth. For example, God reveals how He miraculously created the universe from nothing: "The Originator of the heavens and earth. When He decides on something, He just says to it, 'Be!' and it is" (Surat al-Baqara, 117).


We are also told in the Qur’an:

He created the heavens and earth with truth. The day He says "Be!" it is. His speech is Truth. The Kingdom will be His on the Day the Trumpet is blown, the Knower of the Unseen and the Visible. He is the All-Wise, the All-Aware.

(Surat al-An'am, 73)


We all know that present-day science demonstrates the invalidity of the materialist-evolutionist claim and confirms The Fact of Creation.

Contrary to the claims of the theory of evolution, all the proofs of Creation that surround us show that chance or coincidence had no role in the universe's coming into existence.

Every detail that emerges as we observe the sky, Earth, and all living things is intended as evidence of God's great power and wisdom.


God Created the Universe from Nothing

God creates everything, in the form and at the time that He chooses, without the use of any model and out of nothing. He is exalted above any defect and is rich beyond any need. He has no need of any cause, vehicle, or stages for His creation.


Our Lord has no need of any cause, vehicle, or stages for His creation.

Nobody should be deceived by the fact that everything is linked to given causes and natural laws.

God is beyond all these causes and laws, since He created them.


God makes all the laws in the universe and gives them the form He chooses, brings about what He wills and when He wills it, permeates everything in the earth and the heavens, and rules everything with His power.

Yet some people do not fully comprehend His might and thus judge Him based upon their own limited powers.


God willed and created the earth and the heavens, all that lies between, and all living and non-living things. This is very easy for Him, as indicated in the Qur'an:

Our Word to a thing when We will it is just to say to it "Be!" and it is. (Surat an-Nahl, 40)

He gives life and causes to die. When He decides on something, He just says to it, "Be!" and it is. (Surah Ghafir, 68)

Creation is very easy for God. As revealed in these verses, God says to a thing "Be!," thereby willing it to be so.


Contrary to what those who believe in evolutionary creation suggest, God did not first create apes and then cause them to evolve into humans through flawed transitional forms with missing organs. Rather, as God reveals in the Qur'an, God created man in the most perfect manner:

We created man in the finest mold. (Surat at-Tin, 4)

He created the heavens and Earth with truth and formed you, giving you the best of forms. And He is your final destination. (Surat at-Taghabun, 3)

These verses are some of the proofs that God created man in perfect form, in other words, the form that he has now.


Of course, man also has several incapacities and weaknesses, all of which remind him of his poverty before our Lord. Deformities and disabilities are the results of a purposeful Creation, for they serve as reminders for those who see them and as a test for those who carry them. They are not imperfections caused by evolutionary process as falsely claimed by the evolutionists.


God's Different Forms of Creation

Another important point ignored by the believers who are deceived by the error of evolutionary creation is God's different forms of creation. God has produced living things that differ significantly from humans and animals, such as angels and the jinn. Now let’s look into this.


When those who claim that mankind developed through an evolutionary process are asked about how angels and the jinn were created, their answer will be ‘God created them out of nothing’. 


It is quite forbidding that these individuals, who are aware of and acknowledge the fact that angels and the jinn are creations of God, fail to realize that God created mankind in the same manner.

It is highly surprising that they fail to see that Almighty Lord, Who created angels with His command ‘Be’, created mankind in the same manner.


Two-, Three-, and Four-Winged Angels

Angels are mentioned both in Qur’an and Bible. Angels are beings that always obey God's commands. God describes their creation in the Qur'an as follows: 

Praise be to God, the Bringer into Being of the heavens and earth,  He Who made the angels messengers, with wings – two, three, or four. He adds to creation in any way He wills. God has power over all things. (Surah Fatir, 1)

As we can see from this description, the forms of angels differ considerably from those of human beings. God draws attention to the different forms of Creation in this verse.


As clearly understood from the statement in the verse, angels have a very distinct appearance, very different from that of humans.

Additionally, God informs us in the Qur’an that both angels and the jinn were created before mankind


Jinn are Created from Fire

Jinn are other kind of creations of God. Like angels, the jinn's appearance also differs from that of man. In the Qur’an we are told that man was created from clay, while the jinn were created from fire:

We created mankind out of dried clay formed from fetid black mud. We created the jinn before, out of the fire of a searing wind. (Surat al-Hijr, 26-27)

He created man from dry earth like baked clay, and He created the jinn from a fusion of fire. (Surat ar-Rahman, 14-15)


It is very easy for God to create. Our Lord is the One Who creates out of nothing and without cause. Just as He created the jinn and angels out of nothing and in distinct forms, so did He create mankind as a separate creature out of nothing, without any need for evolutionary processes.


The Creation of Man from Clay

In the Qur'an, God reveals that man was created in a miraculous manner. To create the first human being, God shaped clay, and then breathed a soul into it:

Your Lord said to the angels, "I am going to create a human being out of clay. When I have formed him and breathed My Spirit into him, fall down in prostration to him!" (Surah Sâd, 71-72)

It can be seen here that man was not created from an ape or other living species, as some Muslims would have us believe, but from clay, a lifeless substance. God miraculously turned that inanimate substance into a human being and breathed a soul into him. There is no "natural evolutionary process" at work here, but rather God's miraculous and direct creation. In fact, His words show that man was created directly by God's power: 


We created man from the purest kind of clay. (Surat al-Muminun, 12)

Ask them for a ruling: Are they stronger in structure or other things that We have created? We created them from sticky clay. (Surat as-Saffat, 11)


Here is the explicit truth explained in the Qur’an:
God created all beings instantaneously and out of nothing without subjecting them to evolution; in other words, without turning them into other species.


Creation is easy for God, Who can create from nothing and with no previous cause. Just as He created the angels and the jinn in different forms from nothing, He also created man as a separate being from nothing and with no need for evolution. The same applies to other living things, such as animals and plants. God created all of these spontaneously out of nothing and without having them evolve – in other words, without turning one species into another. Every one of these is a product of the flawless systems God's might and sovereignty brought about. 


How the Bird Made of Clay by the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) Came to Life

God endowed the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) with various miracles in the life of this world. For example, he came into the world with no father, spoke while still in the cradle, and cured the sick in a miraculous way. 

Moreover, when the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) made a clay object in the shape of a bird and breathed into it, the bird came to life by God's will.


As a Messenger to the tribe of Israel, saying: "I have brought you a sign from your Lord. I will create the shape of a bird out of clay for you and then breathe into it and it will be a bird by God's permission..." (Surah Al 'Imran, 49)

This bird comes to life independently of any natural cause, by God's leave and miracle. A living bird emerging from inanimate matter is one example of Almighty God's peerless, matchless and sublime creation. Through this miracle bestowed on him by God, the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) also reveals the illogicality and invalidity of evolutionist thinking.

This is one of His miracles, and an important truth that some Muslims who believe in evolution ignore.


How the Prophet Moses' (pbuh) Staff Turned into a Snake

As He did with the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), God also gave miracles to the Prophet Moses (pbuh), who, as we know, by the will of God saved his people from Pharaoh by dividing the sea in two. Again by the will of God, the Prophet Moses' (pbuh) staff turned into a snake. This is how this fact is revealed in the Qur'an:

What is that in your right hand, Moses?' He said, 'It is my staff. I lean on it and beat down leaves for my sheep with it and have other uses for it.' He said, 'Throw it down, Moses.' He threw it down and suddenly it was a slithering snake.
He said, 'Take hold of it and have no fear. We will return it to its original form. (Surah Ta Ha, 17-21)


As with the example of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) making a bird out of clay, the phenomenon of the Prophet Moses' (pbuh) staff is also one of the greatest proofs that God can create a living thing outside natural causes.

The moment the Prophet Moses (pbuh) casts down the rod on his hands, it turns, as a blessing from God, from being a lifeless piece of wood into a fast-moving snake that swallows everything produced by the others there, in other words that possesses a digestive system. In this way, God shows people an example of how He creates life out of nothing. Inanimate matter comes to life only by God commanding it to "Be!" This miracle bestowed on the Prophet Moses (pbuh) by God demolished the superstitious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, and the people around him immediately saw the truth, abandoned their superstitious beliefs and believed in God.


God creates from nothing with no need of natural causes. In the same way that He created the jinn and the angels in different ways, He also created human beings as separate entities, with no need for evolution. The same applies to other living things, such as animals and plants. God has created all of these from nothing, without causing any of them to evolve, in other words, without turning one species into another.


There Is No Creation through Evolution either in Paradise or in Hell

Almighty God has revealed that following people's deaths He will recreate them, in a different form and in a manner appropriate to their lives in the Hereafter. In the same way that He created human beings without evolution in this world, they will be resurrected in a single moment for their lives in the Hereafter, by His commanding them to "Be!" In the same way, as with human beings, our Almighty Lord has not created all the entities in Paradise and Hell through evolution, either.


The mansions in the Heaven, rivers of milk, thrones and jewels of Heaven were all created by God's command “Be”. No cause is needed such as foremen, tailors or craftsmen for those to appear.


Just as the fruits of Heaven such as date palms and figs or the jewels of Heaven such as pearls and mother-of-pearls were not created by means of evolution in Heaven, they are not created by means of evolution in this world either. Creation is not through evolution, neither in this world, nor in Heaven.


Creation Is A Miracle

The point that needs to be understood here is that God is never constrained by the laws He created. If He so wills, He can totally reverse all the laws of nature. That is easy for God to do.

Since Muslim evolutionists have fallen under the influence of naturalism, which forms the foundation of Darwinism, they try to account for the origin of human and other life in terms of natural laws.

 It is a grave error, however, for Muslims to accept such "naturalist" logic, for the miracles described in the Qur'an clearly reveal that such logic is ill-founded.

When we look at those verses that discuss the creation of living things and men, we see that this creation took place in a miraculous way and outside the bounded laws of nature.


God created every animal from water. Some of them go on their bellies, some of them on two legs, and some on four. God creates whatever He wills. God has power over all things. (Surat an-Nur, 45)

The main living groups on Earth such as reptiles, birds, and mammals are mentioned in the verse and it is revealed that God created all of them from water. On closer inspection, these groups were not created "out of each other," as "foreseen" by evolution, but "from water." In other words, they were formed separately from a common material God shaped.


Present-day science also has made it clear that this common material was water, the basic component of every living body. Mammals' bodies are about 70 percent water.

Each living thing's bodily water enables contact between cells, as well as inter-cell and inter-tissue contact. It is an accepted fact that nothing can live without water.


Rather We hurl the truth against falsehood and it cuts right through it and it vanishes clean away! Woe without end for you for what you portray!  (Qur’an, 21:18)


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