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Yusuf Kaplan: “The British Are Behind the Qatar Crisis”

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Indicating that the British deep state tries to oppress Islamic states one by one through isolation policy, Mr. Adnan Oktar states that the British deep state now tries to gain control of Qatar. Mr. Oktar reminds us that no Islamic state should fall for this plot and that the Islamic countries should unite.

Yeni Şafak columnist Yusuf Kaplan, and Akşam Newspaper columnist Prof. Dr. Yasar Hacısalihoğlu, wrote articles on the plots of the British deep state on Qatar.

June 6th, 2017, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: We should stay united with Qatar; in the mean time Saudi Arabia is our dear brother as well. Saudi Arabia is a significant and important Islamic country, with a great and beautiful Muslim community. We support Saudi Arabia with all our strength. We support United Arab Emirates as well.  We are just warning our brothers of the sinister plot. Spies of the British deep state went there. Everybody knows that the deep state supports these people. The utmost caution should be exercised.

They intend to crush the Islamic states one by one. First they claimed that Iraq had “atomic bombs,” and then they invaded and destroyed the country. They siphoned off its national treasure, and messed it up. Same applies to Libya; they claimed that there was terror there and destroyed it. They mess up the countries one-by-one. They said “Afghanistan is a state sponsor of terror, they brought the twin towers down” and they ruined it. Now, Qatar is a rich country, and they intend to ruin it as well. After that, they have plans for Saudi Arabia. They make Saudi Arabia do this to Qatar, but it would be its turn later on. Turkey’s the last target for them. They are afraid of Turkey since it is strong. The real target in fact is Turkey, but they cannot come at us right away. They tried to do something with FETO, but they couldn’t manage.

The whole world now realizes that because  Islamic Unity is not established and Hz. Mahdi (as) has not appeared yet bring destruction to the region.

June 5th, 2017, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: The British deep state is plotting nefariously. This calls for an immediate intellectual intervention. The deep state wants to divide Muslims into two. They are cooking up a major plot. They want to create a Rumi side; and they also want to make devout Sunnis and Shiites clash against each other. They are  thoroughly prepared, and they have a lot of people capable for the job. The government should be extremely cautious on this matter. The Qatar crisis should immediately be resolved. Turkey should thwart this game. Saudi Arabia, too, should see through it.

Turkey and Qatar have good and strong relations. Qatar has significant investments in Turkey, as does Turkey in Qatar. There is magnificent economic connection between us. This bothers the British deep state. They would like to “disconnect” us, and bring down Qatar, and take it under their control. Had there been Islamic Union and the Mahdi movement, they would not have been able to do it. Since every country is on its own, they can bring them down with ease. Saudi Arabia should  be extremely careful and not fall into this trap.

June 11st, 2017, Yeni Şafak

Yusuf Kaplan refers to the British deep state in his article:

The British are behind the Qatar Crisis: The British are re-drawing the maps.

The British are the ones making the plans which seek to destroy Islamic organizations and play Muslims off against one another.

The two-phased strategy that the British have been implementing over two centuries is as follows:

In general, a world without Islam and Islam without “Islam;” and  specifically, Turkey without Islam and Islam without Turkey.

June 10th, 2017, Akşam

 Akşam Newspaper columnist Prof. Dr. Yasar Hacısalihoğlu refers to the British deep state in his article as below:

The Qatar crisis is the plot of those who are disturbed by Qatar, which resisted the provocations of the British deep state on the Arabs against the Ottoman Empire and always stood by the Ottomans, and is still demonstrating the same historical reflex today. What should be done to demolish this plot is to clear the Islamic region of trickery and instigation, and to prompt a great awakening by getting rid of all the “puppets.”

2017-07-04 22:45:34

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