The Secret Beyond Matter

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The conference on The Origin of Life and the Universe which scientists from the United States and Turkey participated as speakers along with academicians, researchers, students, businessmen and journalists from various countries organized by the Technics and Science Research Foundation under the auspices of its Honorary Chairman Mr. Adnan Oktar took place at Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel Ballroom on August 24th, 2016.


This important international conference has been a very significant organization in terms of making an emphasis on the essential requirement of science, presenting scientific evidence without bias and publicizing the attained outcomes to the general public in light of recent scientific findings.

The speakers at the conference where more than 500 participants took part are renowned scientists having expertise in fields of molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology and astrophysics and who have written numerous books and given a great number of conferences on their fields and pursue their career in related university departments.


The proofs and scientific arguments that speakers provided will be directing the scientific world to merit and truth as these comprise of valuable knowledge which will enlighten the world. Thus, our international conference on The Origin of Life and the Universe has been a highly consequential and influential initiative that will illuminate the entire humanity and the future.

A fossil exhibition was held during the conference displaying fossils, which are proof that evolution never happened. As the fossil record shows, living things came into being in a single moment, with all the characteristics they possess and never altered in the least for so long as the species survived.


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