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What Yemen Reminds Us of

Until a few years ago, Yemen would remind a Turk of the folk song that is sang for the Turkish soldiers that were martyred there. Of course, it would also remind people of the coffee known in Europe as 'Turkish coffee' which, in fact, was brought to Istanbul from Yemen and whose reputation spread from there as far as Vienna. And for those who are even more familiar with Yemen, it would remind them of the Yemeni houses made of clay, mud and basalt, and the daggers Yemeni men invariably keep at their waists.

However, today Yemen only reminds people of civil war, suicide attacks, cities devastated by bombardment, hunger and poverty.

Upon reading the articles in this book, you will witness the ever-growing social and economic problems facing Yemen, and see that almost no solution or reconciliation efforts are made on the part of any of the parties. These articles serve as the images of a country that, step-by-step, seems to be heading for a catastrophe.

Each article tells us of a side of Yemen that is full of anguish and suffering. While reading these lines, you will witness how tribalism, discrimination against women, and the narcotic herb called 'khat' have devastated the country at one time or another, and you will have the opportunity to acquaint yourselves with genuine suggestions that will help alleviate this devastation.

Of course, these writings do not merely serve as a political or social analysis: Throughout the book, what happens in Yemen is analyzed based on the tenets of the Qur'an and effective and exact solutions are offered accordingly. The analysis does not adopt a tone that favors one tribe, political group or religious sect over another. On the contrary, the articles only offer solid and constructive advice that will contribute to the coexistence of the members of different sects and ideologies. By introducing a modern Islamic conception that values science, art and women, the articles discuss how such an approach will offer a remedy for the problems faced by Yemen.

One of our dearest wishes from Almighty God is the reign of peace over the entire world, and a peaceful and prosperous life for the Yemeni people as well as for all Muslims around the world as soon as possible. We do not want Yemen to remind us of suffering, conflict and dissension any more, but to remind us of a country that has achieved happiness, peace and solidarity within itself, and unity with all Muslims.

Yemen Basik Susleri


1 / total 44
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