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President Erdoğan: “We will grant citizenship to our Syrian Brothers”

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Mr. Adnan Oktar stated in his discourse that it is necessary to give Turkish citizenship to the Syrian refugees. Mr. Oktar said that those Syrian brothers who want to be Turkish citizens must be granted this right.

Mr. Erdoğan also gave the good news in an iftar dinner and said that they will help the Syrian refugees to become Turkish Republic’s citizens.

29 June 2016, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Mr. Erdoğan should give them identity cards. They should be Turkish citizens. He consistently asks people to get married and start a family.” But we already have 3 million people [the Syrian refugees in Turkey]. There is no need to keep them waiting.

They are all people with holy light; they are very hardworking, decent, and they are well-behaved. We had 3 million people. He should not let them go back to their countries and ask them to stay in Turkey. They can settle in any place they want in Turkey.

Mr. Erdoğan should grant citizenship to all our refugee brothers. He should give identity cards to all of them. I am waiting. For God’s sake, he should start this process immediately.

11 May 2013, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: I think Syria border entry points should be opened. This is a critical issue that all parties must support. We should write a letter to our Prime Minister and ask for it. The other day, those kids got stuck on the border; they were not let in. Borders should be opened; they should come in. They should come not temporarily, but permanently.

Those brothers who come here do this because they love Turkey and trust in this country. But we should not ask our brothers to come here temporarily. We should tell them to come and become our citizens. Moreover, we should record them as our citizens. They should be registered as citizens; they should all be made Turkish citizens. A law should be passed so that they can become Turkish citizens once they come to Turkey. We should lose no time to register them to Hatay. At least 200 thousand people, insh’Allah.”


3 July 2016, Sabah

President Erdoğan: “We will give citizenship  to our Syrian brothers”

During the fast-breaking meal in Kilis, President Erdoğan spoke about giving citizenship to Syrian refugees.

"Here tonight, I want to give some good news to my brothers. I believe that there are some of our brothers here who want to have the citizenship of Turkish Republic. In this respect, certain steps have been taken by the Ministry of the Interior of Turkey. An office of the Ministry will do its best to support our brothers in this respect and grant them citizenship.”

2016-09-30 00:03:32

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