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Muslims were never exposed to the level of violence and oppression we're seeing until today. Muslims around the world from Myanmar to Iraq, Libya to Syria, and China to European countries are being subjected to terrible violence and are being forced to live helplessly. Today millions of innocent Muslims cannot live in their homelands due to continued bombardments day and night, the sudden attacks by drones that silently appear in the sky, the horrible violence of radical groups, dictators not afraid of tyrannizing their own people, poverty, hunger and pain caused by bigots who have abandoned the Qur'an to instead offer an awful life for Muslims based on their superstitions.

The end result is so grave that calls for help remain mostly unanswered during these violent waves of destruction against Muslim women, children and the elderly. Today, while the brutality of World War Two is the subject of documentaries, much worse and daunting images can be seen as ordinary evening news.

In other words, on one hand Muslims must deal with war, cruelty and violence and on the other hand have to struggle with the world's unresponsiveness and prejudice against Islam.

Doubtlessly, in this Muslim opposition, extremism has had a great effect by misinterpreting Islam and showing it as a religion of violence based on their superstitions. Although Islam is the real source of love, beauty, compassion, freedom, women's rights, and democracy, the bigots portray it as a dark, prohibitionist, misogynistic system opposed to all the beauty. The Western media often show footage in support of this image; not only does this add fuel to the situation, it also prevents the slightest help to Muslims groaning under the oppression. Hostility towards the Islamic world due to the problem of extremism has reached such a level that the Western world is ignoring drowning babies, the inoffensive dying from suffocation in trucks, and the weak who are not even being treated like human beings in refugee camps.

All this cruelty and violence is pushing millions of innocent women, children, elderly towards a dangerous and unknown journey, and is creating millions of refugees. This is one of the reasons why the world is facing the biggest refugee crisis in the history. Millions of Muslims are leaving their homes, culture, traditions, lives and families, to go on a trip into the unknown, not knowing what will follow. While many are martyred in this, those who reach their goal are often faced with inhumane treatment they do not deserve at all.

Our Lord, in the 75th verse of Surat an-Nisa', has ordered us to protect the weak and to make an effort to end cruelty in the world. Regardless of sect, origin or religion, it is the command of our Omnibenevolent Lord to all people to feed the stranded, the poor and the prisoner and to help the poor and the needy. The cause of this cruelty today is that people have abandoned the religion of God and have been set against each other through satan's provocation; they have distanced themselves from Islamic morality and disobeyed the orders of our Lord by refusing to help the downtrodden.

It is clear that if world countries join together and put forward a small portion of their budget in order to find a solution to the problems of refugees all over the world, providing safe shelter and a life worthy of human dignity will be very easy. Hence, to solve the refugee problem, the people need to come together as per the commandment of God and embrace with compassion those who flee cruelty and seek shelter and share their resources with them. The ongoing refugee crisis that is unseemly for the 21st Century will only find a definitive solution through this approach.

This book will address the refugee problem, which is one of the biggest problems of today in all details and will illustrate that if conducted in accordance with our Lord's commandments, these images of pain could easily disappear.

According to the Qur'an, the men, women and children who are most vulnerable on Earth are under the responsibility of Muslims.


1 / total 48
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