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Kilicdaroglu Proposes the Solution of Employment for Refugees in State Hatcheries

What He Said?What Happened?

Offering solutions for our refugee brothers, who flee the civil war in Syria and take shelter in Turkey, Mr. Adnan Oktar stated that: “Our brothers should be provided with employment opportunities, and can be employed particularly as agricultural laborers.”

The leader of the Republican People’s Party, Mr. Kilicdaroglu proposed a solution for refugees and told that “There are state hatcheries where they can be employed in agriculture work.”

May 11th 2013, A9 TV  

ADNAN OKTAR: We should open up the borders, and let them enter the country. They should settle in not temporarily but permanently. We should build prefabricated houses for them.  Then, they can gradually pay for the houses. For instance, let them pay a small fee every month. Everyone should recruit them. THEY CAN ALSO BE EMPLOYED IN AGRICULTURE WORK. They are sturdy people. They can green and embellish there.  I think that it is an issue of critical importance. In this way, they can also get themselves free from the oppression. Let them come to and settle in the province of Hatay. The Housing Development Administration of Turkey should build houses for them. We are willing to pay their taxes. Supposing that they construct 200,000 houses for 100,000 households, 100,000 houses would be sufficient even for 200,000 people.

March 29th 2016, An article by Adnan Oktar published on Diplomacy Pakistan

What could be done to facilitate the integration of Syrian refugees?

ADNAN OKTAR: The number of vocational courses and technical courses should be increased. Of course, for Syrians who already have a profession and a work permit, employment opportunities should be offered. In this regard, new employment opportunities might be created with the investments that the U.S., the EU and Arabic countries might make. In this way, Syrian refugees will be able to stand on their own feet without being in need. Along with these, JOB OPPORTUNITIES PRIMARILY IN FIELDS SUCH AS FARMING, ANIMAL HUSBANDRY AND AGRICULTURE SHOULD RAPIDLY BE PROVIDED FOR THEM.

April 5th 2016, Cihan News Agency

Addressing to his party group in Turkey's Grand National Assembly, Kilicdaroglu said the following in regard to the situation of refugees:

I propose a solution for them. There are state hatcheries where they can settle and be employed in agriculture work.” 

2016-05-17 22:29:10

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