The Secret Beyond Matter

“ISIS is cruel because they are in idolatry; but the PKK is a thousand times crueler because they are Godless, Bookless and treacherous.”

Let us first take a step that would wipe out the PKK. I mean adopting an attitude as if the  PKK does not exist is not acceptable. ISIS is cruel, that is correct, but the PKK is a thousand times crueler. They are brutal, Godless, Bookless and treacherous. They are both Godless, Bookless and treacherous, perfidious trappers and plotters. 

ISIS does not have such a characteristic. The characteristic of ISIS is that they are merciless and they are in idolatry, they do not abide by the Qur’an. But the other one is a classical traitor, a classical villain. So the PKK is our number one enemy. ISIS is an organization that comes far behind. That is why the PKK should be prioritized in every statement made. Otherwise, the consequences will be fatal. No one would ever accept this. (Adnan Oktar, October 24th, 2014: A9 TV)


2014-11-23 17:14:58

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