The Secret Beyond Matter

"World Public Opinion should be alerted against the insidious plots of the PKK.”

World public opinion should be warned against these scum. They have such hussy methods of propaganda. They try to present themselves as if they are normal people towards the whole of Europe even though they actually are the scum of the earth. We need to present them as the scum of the earth they actually are to the whole world. We need to explain this persistently. Some Europeans do believe them. They serve the purposes of some European communists and so they plead ignorance against their true nature and try to cover up their filth. We need to be very cautious against this. 

They are still talking about  ISIS. These people, the PKK, say that they will disintegrate Turkey and they challenge the Turkish state. They are martyring our beloved lions day and night. Yet some people still say that we should provide heavy weapons to those scum.   Are you kidding us? They are mocking us saying that we should give heavy weapons to the PKK. Look at this attitude; they have such an irritating attitude. 

As if this is not enough, they have martyred ten thousands of our lions; there are funerals and graves of our martyrs all around the country. Those dear mothers of ours are waiting beside the graves of our beloved lions, our beloved martyrs, looking after them, watering their flowers, cleaning their marble headstones.

The deep state of Europe, completely unaware of this fact is still talking to us about the ISIS threat. Go, handle it yourself! Our problem is with the PKK and we have no other problems. Look at this twisted mindset; they are saying, “We cannot conduct a military operation there, so you should do it. We will bomb them from the air, so please let us collect the cost of those bombs!” Look, they are asking for the cost of the bombs. They say, “I will kill them” and go make airstrikes killing Iraqi mothers, Iraqi women, they are killing Syrian women, mothers and children, bombing them from the air. “We’ve bombed them and crushed them,” they say. They are razing all the buildings, brand-new facilities, oil refineries to the ground. They are razing the national wealth of Iraq and Syria to the ground and the Islamic countries are paying them. They say: “Well done, you did great! God bless your hands!” These people are killing innocent mothers, sisters and they still say, “Well done!”,

They have such a weird mentality. They want Turkey to conduct a military operation against ISIS. But the PKK is the target for Turkey. In fact, the PKK is the greatest threat of all.  (Adnan Oktar, October 24th  2014: A9 TV)


2014-11-23 17:12:17

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