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"Non-governmental organizations should support the Turkish state in the struggle against the PKK"

The Turkish state should constantly draw attention to the PKK. The government might fall short of doing this, but the non-governmental organizations, media and everyone else should alert the world against the PKK and do what should be done. Due to its position, the government could fall short of this and might not be able to talk against the PKK because of this notion of a “solution process”. But the public, the people could easily keep talking, the media could keep talking.  

An attitude whitewashing the danger is not acceptable. All they talk about is ISIS; well my brother, what business do we have with ISIS? When did ISIS become a threat for Turkey? The PKK is the greatest threat for us. The PKK directly wants to destroy and divide the Turkish state. Does ISIS have such an aim? Did they ever make such an attempt?  (Adnan Oktar, October 24th 2014: A9 TV)

2014-11-23 02:47:41

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