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"The PKK is a thousand times more dangerous than ISIS "

Those who do not consider the PKK as a threat are actually overlooking the recent attacks of the PKK. 

I believe that those who do not consider the PKK as a threat would probably be alarmed with the attacks conducted by the PKK against the Turkish state, if they have a conscience at all. The PKK is a thousand times more dangerous than ISIS. It is a grave danger that directly targets the Turkish nation, the Turkish state. 

What is ISIS to us? ISIS is not our concern at all. What directly concerns us is the PKK.  All the governments of the world should be warned and informed about the PKK. The fact that the PKK is a danger to Turkey is only being voiced with a timid attitude. 

The PKK is in such a fierce and spoiled attitude in Turkey. Making use of the tolerance of our state, making use of the compassionate, warm-hearted attitude of our police, they are doing all sorts of viciousness. 

Yet they constantly try to draw our attention towards ISIS. We’ve got nothing to do with ISIS. The PKK is our target. The world’s attention should be drawn towards the PKK. Pretending as if there is no such threat as the PKK, they have left everything else and are only dealing with the ISIS; the fact is that the PKK is the greatest threat. We need to draw attention to the PKK. Relying on the compassion of the Turkish state, these people are doing all sorts of rampages, all sorts of unruliness.  (Adnan Oktar, October 24th, 2014: A9 TV)

2014-11-23 02:43:01

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