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“Our state should establish a foundation to convey aid to our veterans and the relatives of our martyrs”

“Mr. Adnan following your reminders, some of our people and our craftsmen started to act very sensitive about helping the families of martyrs.”


“Our state should establish a foundation to convey aid to our veterans and the relatives of our martyrs”

Adnan Oktar: “That is great. Furthermore, it would be great if our state could show us to a foundation; this foundation should help our veterans and the families of our martyrs. Our citizens could then contribute to this foundation. Let us infuse all our aid, food, clothing, money, whatever we can give to the families of our martyrs, to our veterans, to those beautiful mothers. That foundation should have cars and should pay frequent visits to these families. The youngsters should take those cars and put them into their service in those homes. Saying, “Mom, do you have an order for me? Do you want anything? Dad, do you have an order for me? Is there anything you want?” the youngsters should protect these families everywhere, in every district. This is a requisite of kindness, of decency. Look, that person gave his life for you, for our homeland, for our people, for our religion, for our faith, for your honor. Look, life is gloriously valuable and those people gave their lives for that. You should devote your life to their families as well. They gave their lives for you; you are still alive, you are living a comfortable life. So you should devote your life to them, you should protect and watch over them, devote a portion of your day to them. That is a beauty that brings about abundance. 

How nice it is that a hairdresser, for instance, thinks about how he could contribute and says, “If a relative of a martyr or a veteran comes to my shop I will not take money from him/her.” The taxi driver thinks, “What can I do?” and says, “I can take them to wherever they want free of charge.” And that is a splendid thing. Such a beautiful morality would give relief to everyone. 


“New regulations should be made in order to prevent the repetition of the mistake done to our veteran brother regarding his leg prosthesis.”

For instance, the fact that the state asked for money about the prosthetic leg of that brother of ours is very disturbing and very shameful. And this is not something that could be solved with a mere apology. Simply saying “pardon us” would not do. For one thing, this shows that there is such a system. Put away that system my brother. How could something like that happen? If you have a veteran, you put him in the hospital and have him treated in the best possible conditions, you provide everything for him, you put him on a payroll, you provide a good living for him. That brave young man gave his foot for you, for your comfort, for the goodness of this homeland and this nation, to prevent this nation from enslavement and now he is sitting in his home all day. You are walking on the streets while that young man sits at home all day. And on top of  all that, you are asking for money. That is a horrifying mistake. That is unbelievable.”

“Mr. Oktar, the price of this prosthesis is 132,000 TL and 50,000 TL of that should be paid by the veteran himself; social security institution only pays for the remainder.”

Adnan Oktar: “That is unbelievable. How could something like this be acceptable? How could you let that veteran pay for that? You are taking away that man’s foot for your own safety. That man gave his foot for God. You walk about freely, you run all over the streets, but that man cannot run anywhere, he simply sits at home. And above all this you are asking for that person’s money. That is a very shameful act. Changes should be made in these laws. Let us write a letter to both our Prime Minister and our President, Mr. Erdoğan, requesting the necessary regulations to be made immediately.

Why do they make us experience this pain? And on top of that the Bank sends him to the court; that is unbelievable. This bank has a thousand and one different incomes. They should have said; “it would be a shame and a sin if we take money from this person.” They should have solved the issue silently. Why do they go and badger that person? 

Furthermore giving him such a prosthetic leg free of charge is not a favor; it actually is an obligation.  Your leg is still there but he lost his. He made such a sacrifice. You are obliged to provide that to him. That is not a favor. That person is not in a position to be thankful to you for doing this. Actually you should be the one to thank him for accepting your help. To top it all, you are obliged to look after such a person. 

“Our veterans should have the right to compensation about the unbecoming attitudes towards them.”

Moreover our veterans should have the right to compensation about such incidents. When they are faced with such an atrocious, such an unbecoming attitude, the State should pay compensation to them. For instance our state should pay compensation for this young man as well.  That would bring relief to the hearts of our people. Tomorrow let us write a petition to all authorities about this. Let us follow up this topic.” (Adnan Oktar, October 24th 2014, A9 TV)

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