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Adnan Oktar:"Let Us Convey Urgent Aid to Yarmouk"

Mr. Adnan Oktar started the  hash tags #YermükeAcilYardım #UrgentAidToYarmouk  yesterday on Twitter to draw attention to the painful events taking place in Yarmouk which is a camp city a few kilometers away from Damascus, the capital of Syria.  

In the shelters in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp which was established as a regional Palestinian refugee center for those who took refuge in 1956-1957 following the Arab-Israeli war, about 200,000 Palestinians were residing prior to the civil war in Syria. Because of the conflicts during the civil war, Yarmouk was almost completely abandoned. In December 2012, 160,000  people left the region.  Only about 18,000 refugees who have no means or places to go remained in the camp. During the last six months Yarmouk was under a very tight blockade.  The Independent daily reported that the people in the region,  which is controlled by the Syrian army and which does not let any aid pass by due to  security measures,  live  on animal food, salty water and leaves. According to this report, women of Yarmouk Camp who go out to collect herbs to feed their children are being shot by snipers.  50 people have starved to death in this camp until now. Many people who try to eat herbs, cats and dogs have been poisoned. Aid trucks and health teams cannot enter Yarmouk in which about 15 to 20 people starve to death every week, because of attacks and safety worries.  

Mr. Adnan Oktar made a call to the whole world to take action by attracting attention to this humanitarian drama going on in Yarmouk and to transport urgent aid to Yarmouk.  The hash tags #YermükeAcilYardım  and #UrgentAidToYarmouk became the first trending topic on Twitter for both Turkey and the World.

The statements Mr. Adnan Oktar made regarding this matter were :  

“Yesterday, you've started hash tags [on Twitter]  #YermükeAcilYardım and #UrgentAidToYarmouk to transport aid to Yarmouk, and in a very short time both of these hash tags became number one trending topics  both in the world and in Turkey. Right after this call, Sibel Eraslan made a call for helping Yarmouk in her article published today in the Star Daily.  Again after this hashtag, Yeni Safak Daily also prepared a detailed report about Yarmouk and made a call for helping them. Time Turk news site reported about the impact of this hashtag started on social media and called everyone to help people in Yarmouk.  


ADNAN OKTAR: "Our hashtag became the number one trending topic, didn't it? Masha'Allah. Urgent Aid to Yarmouk. That is because our brothers and sisters are collecting herbs to boil and feed their children. How long could that go on? Think about it. There is  gruesome violence and on the other hand, there are some scholars who keep saying, "There is nothing wrong! Nothing is going on in the world, everything  in the world is rosy!" Look and see where these people are living, and where their world is.  And there are people who follow those scholars, who rely on their words. Those women there are boiling herbs they collect and feed their children with that and these scholars here are saying "Nothing is wrong." There is a bloodbath in Syria, children are starving to death, and they [the Syrian government] are burning  and destroying them with barrel bombs.  And these people here keep saying, "There is nothing wrong!" There is a bloodbath in Iraq, Afghanistan is being razed to the ground, and we cannot even begin to imagine the state of the Muslims living in Far East. We cannot even begin to think about the Muslims in East Turkestan.

Our brothers and sisters who want to help Yarmouk should again act with IHH, in my opinion. That is because IHH is a brave and strong organization. They succeed in doing what they set out to do and convey aid to their destination somehow. Look, for instance well done to MIT [the Turkish Intelligence Agency], may God be pleased with them; they've been piled into a truck and are trying to reach there. Well done to my dear ones: They are trying to enter the region with those trucks and that is a very dangerous thing to do. Who knows what troublesome regions they are passing through, who knows which dangerous districts they are passing through. Of course they might see people from Al-Qaida on their way and they pass by saying "As-Salamun Alaykom". Maybe they see some Shia militants and simply say "As-salamun Alaykom" as they pass by them. What else can they do? Are they to get in an armed conflict when they see them? Of course they have to get along with them all. They simply say, "Let us pass by; we are trying to convey humanitarian aid to the region."

My brother, people are dying there, children are dying, and women are dying. What should we do? How should we do it? If there are people starving to death, you should give them bread, give them food. How is it acceptable to say "Die"? That would be murder. If they are starving to death, you have to convey aid; you have to give them bread, you have to give them food." (January 19th, 2014: A9 TV)


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