The Secret Beyond Matter

“Capital Punishment should be abolished not only in Bangladesh but throughout the whole world.”

“This capital punishment given in Bangladesh is in conflict with the law all around the world, it is in conflict with  European law as well. This is also in conflict with the current law in Turkey. Actually capital punishment should be revoked completely throughout the world. For instance, they have capital punishment in China  and I am against that as well. They are executing our Turkish brothers and sisters in China and I stood against that as well.

Well my brother, one might have committed a fellony, one might have killed someone, may God forbid. But why are you executing him? God says; “Make allowances for people, command what is right, and turn away from the ignorant.” Alright, there is retaliation in the Qur’an when a person is killed but even for that, God says; “If you forgive, it is better for you.” If God says something is “better,” of course we cannot select anything “less better.” So one should forgive. Then he can serve whatever punishment he is given in the prison. 

Additionally, some ignorant people might assume that they can get away with what they have done when they executed these people. As a result of such a policy, one of these days the attitude of the radical forces would escalate as well. That is because they will be able to say; “Look, there is no justice, no legal system, no democracy, the solution is in weapons from now on. In that case, terror is the solution it would seem,” they will say. May God forbid, they would tear down Bagladesh. These are not wise moves. They will move  heaven and earth by the end of this. Maybe not now, but in a while they will not let that woman  get away with what she had done, they will not let the government get away with this either. They are not even able to conceive of this. For instance, the North Korean leader has also executed his own uncle yesterday in North Korea. Actually they should solve these issues with peaceful methods while employing a forgiving attitude.(Adnan Oktar,  December 14th, 2013: A9 TV)

2013-12-16 22:46:58

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