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We Should Want the Unity of Islam As a Nation


July 11 th 2013: A9 TV

Adnan Oktar: Egypt is paralyzed. There is no industry and tourism. Nothing is left. It is paralyzed. If there is no art or love but there is suffering, terror and hopelessness in a place, than there won’t be industry, wealth or happiness. Let me tell you, there is nothing left. Help as much as you want; that’s like giving blood to a dead person. Even if you give one thousand liters of  blood, he won’t rise from the dead. In order to rise from the dead, there must be the Mahdi(as), Jesus Christ(pbuh), Islamic Union. There isn’t any other way out of this.

July 13th 2013: A9 TV

Adnan Oktar: They should use a language that embraces all of the Islamic World. 
They must always speak of the Unity of Islam, the Islamic Union. “Let us free Egypt, let us free another country…” Rescuing only a region; God will create exiguousness, trouble and afflictions  with this. That is all that will happen. God knows better.

30 th April 2008: Al Baghdadi TV

Adnan Oktar:
 The solution is the unity of all the Islamic World, THE FORMATION OF A GREAT TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION UNDER TURKISH LEADERSHIP, FOR TURKEY TO MAKE ITS WEIGHT FELT AS A SUPERPOWER IN THE REGION and to protect and watch over the whole Islamic world as its blood brother, to enable them to grow stronger economically and politically in each and every way, to take the Turkish world, almost all of whom are Muslims anyway, under its protection and to put an immediate end to anarchy as a regional superpower. Taking a step toward a great civilization, we must strive to resemble the time of the Prophet Sulayman (as). That is the solution.

August 16th, 2008: Azerbaijan APA News Agency

Adnan Oktar:
 The period that lacks a Turkish Islamic Union will remain a painful one. There isn’t any way other than that. The only solution is the Turkish Islamic Union. Postponing this would put people under great difficulty. Today, the blood that is being shed in Georgia, or the troubles going on in Abkhazia or the pain felt by the Russians depends on the fact that there has not been a Turkish Islamic Union established. IF TURKEY OFFERS TO UNITE WITH AZERBAIJAN AS ONE NATION BUT TWO SEPARATE STATES, THEY WILL IMMEDIATELY AGREE WITH US IN 24 HOURS, INSHA’ALLAH: THIS IS THE SAME FOR SYRIA AND IRAQ. THERE IS NO ISLAMIC STATE, NO TURKISH STATE WHICH DOES NOT ACCEPT THIS.


July 27th 2013: Aksam

Those who wanted to protest the events in Egypt  gathered at the Fatih mosque. After performing the afternoon prayer, protestors walked to  Sarachane Park  with Islamic Union slogans.


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