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Lavrov: “Muslim Four” should be a part of the Syrian solution

A9 TV, September 8th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Muslim troops should enter Syria from 70 different points with 70 division –or brigades- and the problem there will end in no more than 70 hours. It will be completely done. It will be solved in Syria, outside Syria, all this pain will all be over. They understand that this is the solution, but pretend not to see it. It is very easy to do, tough. It will guarantee that there is no loss of lives. This is the only solution to end the pain once and for all. Another reason why this would be great is that they would get used to the concept of Islamic Union. They will see that, when they act together they can easily solve their problems.

A9 TV, August 30th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: You can’t gain anything by bombing people. They should just stop doing that. The only way to stop Asad is Islamic countries coming together, and entering the country all together. They should do it as a land operation, from 70 different points.

The chiefs of staff of Islamic countries can come together to form a command unit. This is what common sense requires, they can make joint decisions with this council. After setting up this council, Muslim troops should enter the country from seventy different points.  And it will be over immediately. Especially, if Turkey and Iran join, it will be solved very quickly. Right away. Otherwise, bloodshed will continue for no reason. It will be a huge mistake.

The participation of Iran army is especially important. Iranian army should lend 50 thousand people or not even that, one or two divisions would be enough. One division from Turkey, one from Pakistan, one from each country, or one brigade from each. Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria should send troops too. Anyway if Turkey and Iran send troops, the others will just follow suit. It is just about starting it. The same goes for the Egyptian army as well.

When all Islam countries send one division, it will be immediately over. What can Assad do to that? He would surrender, immediately. Iran is his greatest supporter. If Iran sends troops, then it will be completely done. That’s very clear. Who can object to that?

Otherwise, they will leave it to USA and UK and they won’t hesitate to use all their weapons. They will use all their rockets, all weapons, everything they have and completely raze Syria to ground, killing everything there. 

September 16th, 2013, Rota Haber

Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Affairs Minister, invited the ‘Muslim Four’, most notably Turkey, (Turkey, Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia) to contribute to the solution of the Syrian crisis.


2013-10-10 22:45:57

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