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Intellectual Struggle


A9 TV, 4 November 2012

The Climate of Violence Established By The Pkk Can Only Be Eliminated By An Intellectual Struggle

I saw a headline saying, “The PKK martyrs Kurds more than it does anyone else.” That is actually how the PKK acquired its first strength by martyring our Kurdish brothers. It spread terror and established a climate of fear, thus imposing itself. This is not the kind of language to be used in propaganda against them. If you say, “The PKK is martyring Kurds,” many people will react by saying, “Then we must oppose the PKK.” People will then say, “This is a very strong and violent organization, and the state cannot cope with it. It kills and terrorizes people. So I had best try and get on with it.” They will say, “If they want my child, I will decide to let them take him off to the mountains as a terrorist.” They will think that this appeasement will let them off the hook because it is a huge mafia-type organization; it uses mafia methods. That is where the mafia’s own success stems from. There is no law at work here. The mafia wants people to hear about its iniquities. They kill people in a horrifying way and they want that to appear in the press. That does not work against them. It just strengthens the mafia. And it will not harm the PKK for people to hear about its savageries. That will strengthen it. Therefore, the solution lies not in headlines like that. Stressing their moral aspects will not get us anywhere, either. The solution lies in telling people about signs leading to faith, the miracles of the Qur’an and the invalidity of Marxism and Leninism. It is easy to get an ignorant person to believe in Marxism and Leninism. One can convince someone of the truth of Marxism and Leninism in a single evening. That does not take a long training. It is easy to tell people about Marxism. There is nothing complex about it. That is why people quickly adopt Marxist thinking. When it comes to the creation of the universe they even say, may Allah forbid, “Allah does not exist.” That is a perfectly ordinary thing for them to say. “The universe came into being by chance,” they say. “Living things came into being by chance, as the result of an explosion.” “And history,” they say, “also operates through coincidences. The Stone Age, the Middle Ages,” they say all kinds of things like that. “The first communal age came to an end,” they say. “Then the feudal age began. And then the capitalist age. We are now in the transition to another communal period,” they say. “History goes in cycles,” they maintain. These are very simple and facile statements. “There is nothing complicated in the world,” they say. Even when they say, may Allah forbid, that “Allah does not exist,” the impression in people’s minds is still a very simple one, primitive. “Thesis clashes with antithesis,” they say. “There is a constant state of conflict,” they say. That is not hard to understand. It takes no more than two hours to tell someone about Marxism. One can turn someone into a  Marxist in two or three  hours. It is easy to destroy. As Bediüzzaman says, destruction is easy, but restoration is difficult. That is why it is so important to support people who talk about the signs leading to faith. It is very important to support people who talk about the miracles of the Qur’an and the invalidity of Darwinism and materialism. Then people will follow a rational line. The weapons of the dajjal are simple. The system of the Mahdi is difficult. Since the way of the Mahdi is valuable, it crosses difficult roads. Everything is easy in the system of the dajjal. The dajjal’s job is easy. “In other words, destruction and demolition give results very quickly,” says Bediüzzaman. In other words, he is saying; “The dajjal has this advantage. Repairs are difficult.”  That is why the system of the Mahdi moves forward in the long-term, doing repair work. In that way it corrects the system of unbelief.

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