The Secret Beyond Matter

Gog and Magog


A9 TV, 10 September 2012

Gog and Magog are a murderous grouping who will appear in the End Times, who will shed blood and engage in mass slaughter, who will flow down from the mountains and attack people in the form of vast hordes. So what are they? The communists and fascists of the End Times. In the same way that Russia perpetrated terrible by coming down from the mountains and rocks with tanks and motorbikes, as infantry or cavalry. And America has also engaged in slaughter. They all came down in floods from the mountains. Hitler and Mussolini also shattered the Islamic world. Gog and Magog of the End Times are World Wars I and II. Gog and Magog appeared and did their work. They slaughtered more than 20 million people. And they crippled more than 1 billion.

You can take knowledge and wisdom and beauty from wherever you find it. Someone invents the car, and you buy one. Someone invents the plane and you make use of it. There is no difference between North and South or East and West. Knowledge is knowledge. The bigots come up with pointless rules like that, and you are influenced by them. They are pointless rules. You must disregard them entirely, and continue on the true path.

2012-11-14 14:25:08

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