The Secret Beyond Matter

Viladamir Putin

A9 TV, 4 November 2012


Putin Is the Most Important Russian Leader For The Last Century

(Russian Minister of Education Livanoc issued a statement in the wake of complaints by 5,000 primary students in the Stavrapol region that they were not allowed into school for wearing the headscarf. The Minister announced that students would be able to attend school wearing the headscarf. Putin also said this on the subject; “We must always feel a deep respect of people’s religious beliefs. We must take care over this in all government actions. Second, we are a secular country, and we must abide by those requirements.”)

From what I can tell, Putin is the most perfect Russian leader for a century. I can even say is the most immaculate European leader. He is exceedingly strong, he cares for his nation, he is on the side of truth and defends the true faith, true Islam. He is exceedingly respectful toward all religions. He respects Christianity and Judaism, too. He is someone who is easy to speak to and come to an agreement on this. He is not stubborn or obdurate. He is very modest. When he sees something attractive, he immediately turns toward it; but he of course opposes what is wrong. Of course he makes mistakes, that is a separate issue. But these aspects of his are immaculate. That is why it will be very beneficial for our government to collaborate with Putin. Obama is also very reasonable. And Putin, too. We must make good use of this period. In particular, we must make good use of Putin’s time. China can also be won over when talked to. We must tell the truth with great patience.

A9 TV, 13 September 2012

(Russian head of state Vladimir Putin has condemned the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya that resulted in the deaths of three consular officials. He said that the anti-Islam film had insulted the religious feelings of people of all beliefs and that governments need to take steps against such acts of religious provocation.)

He spoke well, spoke the truth. He exhibits great sensitivity to religion. He takes steps to ensure that religion is not insulted. That is good. His was a positive speech and analysis. Religion is a sensitive matter. He does not want anyone to be allowed to defame. But he fails to realize that religion is also insulted indirectly. Darwinism and Materialism are direct insults to religion because you are accusing the Prophet (saas) of lying. You are suggesting that the prophets lied. You are suggesting that Allah has lied, may He forbid. You are maintaining that this is all a trick. You say that Allah does not exist (may He forbid), even though He does. You are ascribing equals to Him. These are all terrible crimes. That is why failure to grasp the damage caused by Darwinism and Materialism, their erroneous nature and ugliness, is one of the signs of the End Times. They are living cheek by jowl with the dajjal, but they fail to realize it. The system of the dajjal blasphemes every day, but they fail to realize it.

2012-11-14 14:10:11

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