The Secret Beyond Matter

Turkic Republics


A9 TV, 4 September 2011

May Allah inflict no troubles on Azerbaijan, insha’Allah. Pray to the heads of state. “O Lord, inspire their hearts. Increase their faith. Lift the corruption of the bigots from them,” you must say. “Noble Aliyev, we are with you. We are opposed to communism and Darwinism and bigotry. Let us purify the state together. Let us raise it to the finest level,” you must say. What can he say to that? Simply, “May Allah be pleased.” But if they blatantly try to impose bigotry then the state will automatically start to defend itself with violence, as a reflex action. Everyone will then suffer, may Allah forbid. It is very hard to distinguish between the true and false. Muslims will always defend the state. They will repair the state. The state will not be brought down. You must pray, and help and support it. You must protect the state. There are two ways of doing that, openly or in secret. The state is made up of the nation. It cannot be left to its own devices. The state is inseparable from the nation. You have to love and defend the nation for the state to survive. What can the state do if the nation opposes it? It will collapse, may Allah forbid. The state cannot be abandoned to satan and the dajjal. Or to the fanatics. Iblis and his path, the pagan and paganism and the hypocrite and hypocrisy all spread ruin and devastation. They are scourges. We will always support truth and the righteous. We will carry out repairs and support those who make repairs, insha’Allah. 

2012-10-31 16:46:10

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