The Secret Beyond Matter



A9 TV, 10 September 2011

They go into a restaurant and pack bombs into it. Even though there are children, young girls and innocent people inside. There are Muslims inside. What are you doing? Why do you have to do that? You are committing murder. Then you will remain in hell for all time, because you go without repenting. If you kill, the penalty is eternal hell. Instead of repenting, they say, “I am a jihadist.” But their homes are full of pictures of Che and Mao. What is Muslim about them then? They are just classic terrorists. Admirers of Darwin. Darwinists and materialists who believe the world is shaped by Darwin’s theories. But they sit around and talk about Islam. Whenever we look closely at a terrorist we see a Darwinist and materialist. But they say, “I am a Muslim.” Children aged eight, young girls, die because of their bombs, and what do these people say? They say they are waging jihad. If you are waging jihad, then raise your level of general culture and knowledge and tell people abut Islam with love, affection and patience. They must find that hard, and planting bombs very easy, I guess. People become fed up with living and look for somewhere to do away with themselves. So they kill the people there as well as themselves. Instead of bombing that restaurant, go and preach or hand books out in it. But they find that difficult. Do you know the penalty in the hereafter for throwing bombs? What answer will you give Almighty Allah if He asks why you martyred a child of five or six? You will say, “I was waging jihad.” “Allah will ask you, “Why did you kill yourself?” And you will say, “I was waging jihad.” Islam is being attacked in a thousand ways, and this is one of them. I talk day and night about the ideas and errors of those who harm Islam. This is one such example. Our Prophet (saas) says there will be no bloodshed in the End Times, no waking of the sleeper and even no causing anyone’s nose to bleed. And no weaponry. Arms will be done away with. What is left? Love, affection, compassion, justice, sincerity, brotherhood, joy, science, art and beauty will be left. I fail to understand why they make a world like this when they have the opportunity to make it so lovely instead.

A9 TV; 26 September 2011

Now primary and middle schools have gone back. I have looked at the official textbooks. They are packed full of Darwinism and materialism. As much as you could ask for. Wherever you open one you see Darwinist and materialist predilections and account. Then people put Marxist and Leninist thinking on top of that. Marxism is built once someone is a Darwinist and materialist. Because Marxism already talks about dialectic materialism. But the state cannot espouse dialectic philosophy, or Darwinism. The state has to set out both views. The state does not allow the teaching of creationism. Have you ever  seen it say, “There are 350 million fossils that prove Creation”? No. Have you ever seen textbooks that say: “A protein cannot form by chance. This is the structure of the protein molecule. Protein needs protein to come into existence”? You cannot. Yet the state’s own books say it came into being by chance. Then they complain about terrorism. Abdullah Öcalan says: “I used to pray and be religious. Then I was politicized. The people around me taught me communism. I learned about Darwinism and materialism from books, and I learned about atheism.” He says he did not recognize Allah nor the Book. Then he says he is a communist, Abdullah Öcalan. In his own words: “Initially, I was religious. I did not know about materialist thinking. Then I learned about communism and became a communist.” That is what happens if we do not answer back.

A9 TV; 28 October 2011

(About the martyring of two police officers in an attack by the PKK in Osmaniye)

That is the method in communist thinking. War and disasters such as earthquakes are used in the implementation of communism and Leninism, in their strategy. They will try to spread conflict. They regard these as a fine opportunity for anarchy and terror. These things are set out in Leninist praxis. And they apply them. The whole problem is one of a scientific struggle against Marxism and Leninism. Silence just gives the impression the other side is defeatist in the face of Leninism. That is how they think. That they cannot beat us on the level of ideas. You see them say, “They can only oppose us with demagoguery.” So since we have these means, when it is scientifically so clear we are in the right, then we must make full use of this opportunity.

A9 TV, 5 August 2011

There had to be a mobilization in Turkey and the world against communism. There can be no other means of opposing it. There has to be a scientific, intellectual struggle. Some people say this is terrible oppression, what they are doing, and say it should not be happening in the holy month of Ramadan. But communists pay no heed to Ramadan. Savagery is a communist technique, the communist style. It is a weapon they can never relinquish. How can they? They say they are very saddened. But the more they say that, the more it encourages the communist movement and accelerates it. That is what they want. They go into paroxysms of joy every time they see a martyr’s body. Such things really strengthen the organization; weeping and lamentation. Day and night, the television describes what the PKK terror organization is doing. It has been on all the TV stations for the last 30 years; funerals, reports of bombings every day, daily references to the PKK. Never a day without mention of Abdullah Öcalan or the PKK. And that is what the organization wants, what the PKK wants. There is no way to stop it apart from intellectual propaganda. The first thing the State must do is to stop Darwinist propaganda in all schools and everywhere. The state must put a stop to Darwinist propaganda on TRT and everywhere. There must be no official Darwinist propaganda in high schools and universities. If there is any, it must come with a rebuttal, a scientific. But one-sided propaganda just prepares the way for communism’s main foundation, its main philosophy. Then it is easy to establish communism. If a person has a materialist and Darwinist mindset, there is no reason why he should not be a communist. If he sincerely believes in Darwinism and materialism, if he believes in thesis, antithesis and synthesis, in the dialectical system, then he is a communist. What else could he be? It all revolves around Darwinism. Once Darwinism is eliminated, communism will evaporate. It is my intellectual annihilation of Darwinism that lies behind their severe attacks on me. They attack worldwide.

A9 TV, 3 August 2011

(Regarding people saying the timing of the slaughter is wrong because of Ramadan)

It is a slip of the tongue for Muslims to say “the timing of the slaughter is wrong.” There can never be a right time for slaughter. It is talk and suggestion that convinces people. And that comes from science. Not with oppression and tanks and guns. This stems from the ferocity of the way of the Sufyan. Their aims in Turkey are normally of that kind. They imagined they could destroy Muslims en masse. The alleged terror organization Ergenekon will not just sit idly by, so we are carrying on. That is their logic. Whoever said “the timing is wrong” should issue a retraction

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