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The impact of Adnan Oktar's statements encouraging the ideological struggle against Darwinism

For some 30 years, ever since 1979, Adnan Oktar has been waging a great intellectual struggle against Darwinism. And that struggle has been one of the main instruments in Darwinism’s intellectual collapse. In the 1970s, the level of people believing in Darwinism stood at some 90%, while today Turkey has the lowest level of belief in Darwinism in the world.  Adnan Oktar’s more than 100 books on the subject of the theory of evolution, dozens of web sites and documentaries based on his works and hundreds of articles and newspaper announcements have of course had a great influence on this. All these activities have led to public awareness of the invalidity of Darwinism. 

Mr. Oktar's works and scholarly activities have elicied an enormnous response, not just in Turkey but across the world. Leading Western scientific journals have described Adnan Oktar as an “international hero” on account of his work on the subject of Darwinism.  The Atlas of Creation, one of his most recent works, in particular has been instrumental in causing panic among European and American Darwinists, and this magnificent book has been referred to as “a book with an earthquake effect,” “a book exploding like thunder” and “a book that has stunned the authorities” in the Western press.

One subject that Adnan Oktar particularly emphasizes in these works that have such a profound impact and that he frequently refers to in interviews is that all Muslims must play an active part in the intellectual struggle against Darwinism. Adnan Oktar dealt with that subject on its own in his book The Importance of the Intellectual Struggle against Darwinism and frequently reminds Muslims of this significant responsibility incumbent them in interviews with various television channels and newspapers. These statements by Adnan Oktar in which he sets out the importance of the intellectual demolition of Darwinism at first place in order to properly preach the oneness of God and the moral values of the faith are having a greater impact with every passing day.

Muslim thinkers, scholars, opinion leaders and large sections of the public have turned towards intellectual activities against Darwinism, especially of late. One of the latest examples of this is the book “The Debate of Evolution and Creation in 110 Questions!” by  Prof. Arif Sarsılmaz. The existence of and increase in such activities is a significant development for the Muslim Turkish world and one of the important consequences of Adnan Oktar's 30 or so years of scholarly struggle.


Al Baghdadi TV-June 29, 2008

Adnan Oktar:
Philosophy is of the greatest importance in this century. The philosophy of Darwinism, Darwinism and materialism, referred to as naturalism by Said Nursi, is the worst idol of this century. THIS GREATEST IDOL HAD TO BE BROKEN. AND WHAT I DID WAS TO BREAK THAT GREATEST IDOL. There was a real shock in Europe. All the foreign press in Europe, France and Italy announced this in amazement and astonishment. Great, clear results were obtained. We can see from public opinion polls that Darwinism has really collapsed in Europe. Thanks be to God. God has made such a success possible. That means that God grants success to scholarly activities if people are determined. We can see that, insha’Allah. 

Azerbaijan TV-June 11, 2008

It is very interesting that to date no Islamic scholar has ever come out and opposed Darwinism and chosen to struggle against it.  It is very interesting that not one has done so. Have they regarded it as unimportant, or is it you that regards it as so important? Why do you concentrate on this issue alone? What will happen if everyone give up Darwinism?

Adnan Oktar:
In my view Islamic scholars may not have become involved because they felt they could not defeat Darwinism intellectually. That is the truth of the matter.  But I realized I could easily defeat it intellectually. And I have really done so. And how! They have been crushed, and I give thanks to God. Alhamdulillah.  What you say is true, this is a theory that emerged in this century and no Islamic scholar has fully engaged in a comprehensive struggle against it in the way I have.  There have merely been faint references. Vague mentions. And for that I give thanks to God.

What will happen when there is no more Darwinism, no more theory of evolution, when people no longer believe in it? Will everyone believe in God when no-one believes in Darwinism?

Adnan Oktar: There can be no vaccuum. Belief will fill it. There is no other alternative. 

MPL TV-April 23, 2008

Adnan Oktar:
That is the most crucial matter. MUSLIMS ARE GENERALLY UNAWARE OF THE SOURCE OF THE SCOURGE. IN OTHER WORDS, THERE IS ACID RAIN, BUT WHERE DOES IT COME FROM? FROM THE AIR? THIS ACID RAIN, THIS SCOURGE COMES FROM DARWINISM. Wherever Muslims are oppressed.... If there were no Darwinism there would be none of these forms of corruption.  

Is that where this corruption starts?

Adnan Oktar:
Of course, of course. Darwinism lies at the root of World War I, World War II, communism, fascism and all the terror at the moment.  Darwinism is the main philosophy of Freemasonry. If you take away Darwinism, Freemasonry will be left up in the air. Communism will disappear. There will be no sense to fascism.

Samanyolu Haber, 4 September 2008

 “Scientific answers to your questions from the Creationist front”

Haber 3 web site, 27 August 2008

“The errors of the theory of evolution in 110 questions!”
2008-11-15 13:28:59

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