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Alawite people would like to open Qur’an Courses

TV Kayseri and Samsun Aks 22 September 2010

Adnan Oktar: They see that Turkey is passing through a difficult period. They see the actions of the PKK and of the others. They see the activities going on in the schools and in the Southeast; and they also see how those put the government through hardship. In such an environment, would a person act soothing or would they act like them? Why shouldn’t my Alawite brother learn about religion? He should learn Christianity, Judaism, Islam and he should also learn what the Twelvers, Sunni, Shia and Wahabi sects are. He should learn what communism is and what fascism is. One should not fear general culture and knowledge. I am asking where you can go by ordering ‘do not learn this, do not learn that; boycott it or boycott that’?

Ekin TV, 19 January 2009

Adnan Oktar: Our nation is very good-natured, our nation is easygoing, modest, and our people do not like commotion. The Turkish nation has lived Islam in a perfect way since the Ottoman times. Turkish nation is very noble, very reasonable. You mentioned the Alevi-Sunni disunity. Let Alevis imagine there are many Hazrat Alis, many Hazrat Abu Bakrs around themselves. Let Sunnis imagine that there are many Hazrat Abu Bakrs and Hazrat Alis. Was there a conflict between Alevis and Sunnis in the days of Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Ali? There are many Hazrat Abu Bakrs and Hazrat Alis every where. We embrace each other, we are brothers. In no way is there such a problem. Let them [the ones who try to separate Alewites and Sunnis] do whatever they can. They cannot do anything. Alewites are brave, they are men of integrity. They all like lions. These people are the cement of Turkey, they are pure blood Turkish, let me tell you this as an extra information about them. Alewites are very strong and upright. Our Sunni brothers are like that too, they are very fastidious, as are the Alewites. There is no disunity between us.

Iraq An Anbar TV, 21 September 2008

Adnan Oktar: Those things will interlock each other Insha’Allah, THOSE WILL INTENSIFY THE BROTHERHOOD BONDS VERY MUCH, we are approaching through a ceremony which is joyful, agreeable Insha’Allah. The sign of those; the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is imminent; the descent of Jesus (pbuh) is also imminent Insha’Allah. THERE WILL BE AN AGREEABLE TOGETHERNESS. I WANT FROM MY SUNNI, SHIAH BROTHERS TO CONSOLIDATE THE BROTHERHOOD RIGOROUSLY, TO CONSTITUTE A VERY AGREEABLE BROTHERHOOD BOND. THE JAFARITES ARE EXTREMELY PIOUS, SUNNIS ARE PIOUS, ALAWITES ARE PIOUS. ARABS ARE OUR DEAR BROTHERS, THEY ARE THE DESCENDANTS OF OUR PROPHET MUHAMMAD (MAY ALLAH BLESS HIM AND GRANT HIM PEACE). KURDISH PEOPLE ARE OUR DEAR BROTHERS. The Christians living over there are the people of the Book. All of them are our brothers and sisters. We shouldn’t be separated.


Akit, 18 April 2011


The representatives of Ahli-Bayt’s Association of Knowledge and Brotherhood visited Akit Newspaper. The president of the association Ali Kemal Tayanc and some other executives had a meeting with Akit executives. Mr. Tayanc expressed that he carries on more studies on Alawites and Ahli-Bayt while announcing that their association is planning to open a Qur’an Course and emphasized it as very significant. Mr Tayanc also told that both communities (Alawites and Sunnis) are brothers and sisters of each other and they undertake the role of peace ambassadors. Mr. Tayanc said that they want to compete in doing good deeds and explained that in the Qur’an course they will teach hadiths, the life story of Ahli-Bayt, Ashab Al-Kiram [Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (saas)], Hazrat Muhammad (saas), Hazrat Ali (r.a), Ahmet Yesevi and Haji Bektash Veli. He also explained that they are visiting both the mosques and the djemevi


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