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Ankara is the new address for Palestine

Maraş Aksu TV, 7 January 2010

Adnan Oktar: For once there are divisions of land in Palestine, right? They are divided in small, tiny pieces. They must be united, because it is very important, now if –may Allah forbid- Konya were separated from us and there were something else in between, no way. All of them must be united. SECONDLY, THE MORAL DIVISION MUST BE AVOIDED; HAMAS AND PALESTINE FREEDOM ORGANIZATION SHOULD BE LIKE IN A SINGLE BODY. BECAUSE OUR ALLAH IS THE SAME, OUR BOOK IS THE SAME; WE ARE BROTHERS AND SISTERS. AND ALSO AS A RACE THEY ARE ONE, THEY ARE ALL SONS OF ISHMAEL.

Ciragan Palace Iftar Meeting, 16 October 2008

Adnan Oktar: IF TURKEY TAKES THE ROLE OF THE ELDER BROTHER, IT WILL FACE NO OPPOSITION THROUGH THE GEOGRAPHY including the people of Shia, Jafaris, Saudis and Iranians. For example, when Mr. Ahmadinejad was here in Turkey, he performed his prayer in a Sunni mosque behind a Sunni imam. What does that mean? Clearly, this means that; ‘if you become the leader I will accept it’. Openly he said: “I gave a significant political message here.” What else was he supposed to say? Hezbollah will also accept Turkey’s taking the lead. Everybody will accept it. I DO NOT SEE ANYBODY WHO WILL OPPOSE THE LEADERSHIP OF TURKEY THROUGH THIS GEOGRAPHY AS TURKEY IS A MODERATE, AFFECTIONATE AND SENSIBLE COUNTRY.TURKISH PEOPLE ARE RESPECTED, DECENT, SOPHISTICATED AND CULTIVATED. BESIDES TURKEY IS A COUNTRY WHO HAS EXERCISED THE AUTHORITY FOR AGES AS YOU KNOW. ITS EXPERIENCE HAS COME FROM THE TIMES OF OTTOMAN EMPIRE. TURKEY WILL APPEAR AS THE ELDER BROTHER OF ALL TURKIC AND ARAB COUNTRIES. Everybody will see this. Now, I am telling you that after a period of ten years I will definitely put my signature under these words of mine in person, Insha’Allah.

The Gulf Today, 2 November 2008

Adnan Oktar: A Turkish-Islamic union under Turkish leadership will come into being, Insha’Allah, with the unification of the Turkish states and the assistance of the Turkish union. THIS WILL BE UNDER TURKISH LEADERSHIP, and we are already moving in that direction. The ideal state of affairs is for Turkey to be its leader. … This has long been a duty incumbent upon Turkey. Turkey has always assumed the effective leadership of the Turkish-Islamic world. IT MAKES THIS FELT EVERYWHERE. IT ACTS AS AN OLDER BROTHER EVERYWHERE, EITHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY. For example, Turkey became involved in the establishment of the Caucasian Alliance.TURKEY BECOMES A MEDIATOR when there are disagreements among the other countries.Leadership of Turkey can be seen in the implementation of projects such as natural gas and petroleum projects. Turkey is fulfilling this position without making an official announcement. This situation goes on and improves.


Sabah, 23 June 2011
Turkey became involved for Palestine peace

Taraf, 23 June 2011;
HAMAS: “Let Turkey be the mediator”

Taraf, 23 June 2011
Ankara is the new address for Palestine


Hamas and Al Fatah executives arrived to Turkey, as they could not come to an agreement during the talks in Egypt. Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in writing the visit of Meshal, the leader of Hamas. In the announcement it reads; “In the next days some talks will again be held regarding the reconciliation among the Palestinians.”

While Meshal told that Turkey would be the mediator during the talks, Mr Davutoglu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs stated: “Turkey will do its utmost to contribute in the reconciliation.”

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