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TGB's Iftar hosted Berlin’s Interior Minister

Azarbaijan Gazzete 525, 27 August 2008

Adnan Oktar: In 1800s, there was no information, no culture, no research. We are now in the era of Internet. There are books, CDs and people’s minds are wide open. They know a lot and now we merely laugh at those enmities and consider them to be very irrational….If we approach the matters with the mind of 1800s, we can accomplish no results. THE RATIONALE OF THE 1800s WILL DISAPPEAR. WE SHOULD BY NOW ENTER THE BEAUTIFUL, LOVING, UNIFYING RATIONALE OF THE 2000s. Our age is the Golden Age. We are entering an age when the Turkish-Islamic Union will be established and the entire world will live in bliss. Those dark ages have remained in the past; those times of the cold war, the detonation of atom bombs, the extermination of millions of people, prison camps. Such a picture is infamy. We will forget this infamy. This is a shame of the past times, a sin peculiar to them. We are not of the same mind. We believe that they have gone wrong. They have made grave mistakes.

Zaman, 21 August 2011


TGB’s Iftar hosted Berlin’s Interior Minister

Berlin's Interior Minister Mr. Ehrhart Koerting participated in an Iftar (dinner to break fast), which was organized by Turkish Community of Berlin (Turkische Gemiende zu Berlin -TGB). In his speech during the Iftar, Koerting stated that Muslim community is an inseparable part of Berlin.

Mr. Bekir Yilmaz ,the President of TGB also told that they often come together with German friends in the Iftars and this contributes a lot for strengthening mutual respect and recognition

2011-11-19 21:36:02

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