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Turkey, the new super power

Azerbaijan TV, 27 August 2008

Adnan Oktar: TURKEY IS A GENUINE MODEL COUNTRY FOR THE ISLAMIC WORLD. In other words, it excellently understands and implements Turkish nationalism, excellently understands and implements Islam, and also possesses the type of structure that internalizes secularism.But all Islamic countries agree that it is the country that best applies and lives by Islam. Turkey is punctilious when it comes to cleanliness, understanding, life style and piety. This may be a legacy from the Ottoman Empire, the influence of Ottoman scholars. Allah produces this in the most excellent way, which is why I think Turkey is the country best suited to the leadership of the Turkish-Islamic world.

Patronlar Dunyasi, 13 October 2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey is moving towards the Turkish-Islamic Union. Our moral values will be strengthened and we will also be more powerful in monetary terms, and BECOME THE SUPER STATE OF THE REGION; then there will be no Kurd problem or no Armenian problem or no Israel problem; all will be solved right from the root insha’Allah. Iraq will be under the control of Turkey insha’Allah, Syria will be under the control of Turkey insha’Allah, Azerbaijan will be under the control of Turkey; meaning Turkey will be their spiritual elder brother insha’Allah. Turkey will be their spiritual elder brother and assume a moral responsibility. Turkey will ensure the stability, peace and security of the region completely.Being the elder brother is the attribute of Turkey, SINCE THE OTTOMAN PERIOD SHE HAS BEEN THE ELDER BROTHER OF THE REGION, SECURING PEACE AND TRUST IN THE REGION. However, this time it will be perfect, it will be very beautiful, very auspicious and very good insha’Allah.

Hurriyet, 3 November 2011


Stern Magazine made the headline, “Turbo-State Turkey” and commented: “From a state of stranger to a super power - The nation glows and now she is held up as a model for the Arab world.”

2011-11-11 23:57:45

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